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Chickpeas are also known by their Spanish-derived name, garbanzo bean. Chickpeas are widely available in different forms like dried or canned. Chickpeas have a nutty flavor that can be incorporated in salads, soups, made into hummus, and can even be roasted for a snack.

Nutritional Value

Good meat substitute for protein that has both insoluble and soluble fiber. 

  • Fiber important for digestive health and keeps you feeling full
  • Folate important for preventing neural tube defects and may help prevent cancer
  • Phosphorus important for strong healthy bones.
  • Iron important in red blood cell formation

How to Shop

Chickpeas can be bought dried or canned. Canned chickpeas should be in un-dented cans that are not leaking, cracked, or with bulging lids.

How to Grow

Chickpeas need full sun and well-drained soil. To grow, sow chickpeas, spacing out 3-5 inches between plants. Flowers usually appear within 2 months of sowing with pods to follow, occasional weeding is necessary. Wear gloves when harvesting as a reddish dew can produce on their leaves that contain malic acid that can irritate sensitive skin.

How to Store

Fresh chickpeas are best consumed as soon as possible. They can be frozen after blanching. The longer dried chickpeas are stored, the drier it will become leading to a longer cook time, use dried chickpeas within a year.