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Crunchy, refreshing, and cool mouthfeel. Goes great in salads, sandwiches, dips, and drinks. Can be sliced fresh, blended or pickled. Different types of cucumbers: English (seedless), garden, kirby, Persian. Cucumbers are typically consumed raw but can be eaten cooked by sautéing, baking, or boiling. Cucumbers are also differentiated by its growing and eating conditions. Found in American, Indian, Asian, and Mediterranean cuisine.

Nutritional Value

Cucumbers have over 90% water content, therefore are very low calorie and fat and can help meet hydration recommendations. Phytonutrients flavonoids and lignans have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and heart healthy characteristics.

  • Fiber important for digestive health and keeps you feeling full
  • Vitamin C important for immune system, healthy skin, and wound healing
  • Vitamin K important for blood clotting
  • Folate important for preventing neural tube defects and may help prevent cancer
  • Potassium helps lower blood pressure and helps muscles contract

How to Shop

Fresh cucumbers can be found in the produce section near other green vegetables. Ripe cucumbers have firm and green flesh. Look for fresh cucumbers without blemished, soft spots, or wrinkles. Fresh cucumbers are available in Texas from May to November. Pickled cucumbers can be found in preserved aisles and are available year round.

How to Grow

Cucumbers have a long growing season of around 2 months. They grow best in warm, humid climates from 60-90 degrees, much like Texas. Cucumbers are low maintenance but require space, loose and moist soil, and sunlight. Vines grow fast, so frequent trimming is necessary. Use of cages or other vertical support can encourage air circulation and growth. Cucumbers can be harvested when they are 2-8 inches long and medium to dark green. Overgrown cucumbers are yellow and bitter.

How to Store

  • Store cucumbers away from bananas, melons, and tomatoes to prevent spoilage from ethylene. Increase storage time by storing cucumbers in the refrigerator up to a week in a loose plastic bag.