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Serial measures of circulating biomakers of dairy fat and total and cause-specific mortality in older adults: the Cardiovascular Health Study

(Marcia C de Oliveira Otto, Rozenn N Lemaitre, Xiaoling Song, Irena B King, David S Siscovick, Dariush Mozaffarian; The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition; 2018)

Measuring perceptions related to e-cigarettes: Important principles and next steps to enhance study validity

(Gibson LA, Creamer MR, Breland AB, Giachello AL, Kaufman A, Kong G, Pechacek TF, Pepper JK, Soule EK, Halpern-Felsher B; Addict Behav.; 2018)

Establishing consensus on survey measures for electronic nicotine and non-nicotine delivery system use: current challenges and considerations for researchers

(Weaver SR, Kim H, Glasser AM, Sutfin EL, Barrington-Trimis J, Payne TJ, Saddleson M, Loukas A; Addict Behav.; 2018)

Whose post is it? Predictive e-cigarette brand from social media brand page posts

(Vandewater EA, Clendennen SL, Hèbert ET, Bigman GT, Jackson C, Wilkinson AV, Perry CL; Tob Reg Sci.; 2018)

The effect of prenatal maternal cigarette smoking on children’s BMI z-score with SGA as a mediator

(Salahuddin, M., Pérez, A., Ranjit, N., Hoelscher, D.M., Kelder, S.H.; International Journal of Obesity; 2018)

Longitudinal predictors of cigarette use among students from 24 Texas colleges

(Creamer MR, Loukas A, Clendennen S, Mantey D, Pasch K, Marti CN, Perry CL; J Am Coll Health; 2018)

Flavored cigars appeal to younger, female, and racial/ethnic minority college students

(Hinds JT, Li X, Loukas A, Pasch K, Perry CL; Nicotine Tob Res.; 2018)

Very light smoking and alternative tobacco use among college students

(Li X, Loukas A, Perry CL; Addict Behav.; 2018)

A longitudinal study of risk perceptions and e-cigarette initiation among college students: Interactions with smoking status

(Cooper M, Loukas A, Case KR, Marti CN, Perry CL; Drug Alcohol Depend; 2018)

Parent packs, child eats: Surprising results of Lunch is in the Bag's efficacy trial

(Roberts-Gray C, Ranjit N, Sweitzer SJ, Byrd-Williams CE, Romo-Palafox MJ, Briley ME, Hoelscher DM; Appetite; 2018)

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