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Rising vape pod popularity disrupted declining use of electronic nicotine delivery systems among young adults in Texas from 2014-2019.

(Loukas, A., Marti, N. C., Pasch, K. E., Harrell, M. B., Wilkinson, A. V., Perry, C. L. (In Press). Addiction.)

Motivating Mexican American Adults to Share Family History with Healthcare Providers.

(Ake, J. F., Lin, J., Wilkinson, A. V., Koehly, L. M. (In Press). Preventive Medicine.)

Nicotine inhalation and suicide: Clinical correlates and behavioral mechanisms.

(Swann, A. C., Graham, D. P., Wilkinson, A. V., Kosten, T. R. (In Press). American Journal on Addictions.)

Longitudinal trajectories of E-cigarette use among adolescents: A 5-year, multiple cohort study of vaping with and without marijuana.

(Harrell, M. B., Chen, B., Clendennen, S. L., Sumbe, A., Case, K. R., Wilkinson, A. V., ... & Perry, C. L. (2021). Preventive Medicine, 106670.)

Digital marketing of smokeless tobacco: A longitudinal analysis of exposure and initiation among young adults

(Clendennen, S. L., Mantey, D. S., Wilkinson, A. V., Perry, C. L., Harrell, M. B., & Loukas, A. (2021). Addictive Behaviors, 106850

Validation of the FRESH Austin Food Frequency Questionnaire Using Multiple 24-hour Dietary Recalls

(Jovanovic CE, Whitefield J, Hoelscher DM, Chen B, Ranjit N, van den Berg AE. Public Health Nutrition. 2021 May 26:1-26.DOI: :

Physical Activity, Sleep, and Sedentary Behavior among Successful Long-Term Weight Loss Maintainers: Findings from a U.S. National Study.

(Knell, G., Li, Q., Morales-Marroquin, E., Drope, J., Gabriel, K. P., & Shuval, K. (2021). International journal of environmental research and public health, 18(11), 5557.

Emotional symptoms and sensation seeking: Implications for tobacco interventions for youth and young adults.

(Bataineh, B. S., Wilkinson, A. V., Case, K. R., Clendennen, S. L., Sumbe, A., Chen, B., & Harrell, M. B. (2021). Tobacco Prevention & Cessation, 7.)

Intention to Lose Weight and Use of Electronic Cigarettes Among Adolescents.

(Sanchez, R., Ranjit, N., Kelder, S. H., Gill, M., & Hoelscher, D. M. (2021). Preventive Medicine Reports, 101406.)

Self-reported history of intensity of smoking is associated with risk factors for suicide among high school students.

(Dasagi, M. Mantey, D. S., Harrell, M. B., Wilkinson, A. V. (In Press). PLoS One.)

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