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Healthy Summer Challenge Calendar

5/18/18 - Encourage your kids to take the Healthy Summer Challenge! These calendars are filled with physical activity and nutrition challenges to keep your kiddos healthy over the break.

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Quick Facts About JUUL

4/9/18 - This high nicotine vaping device hides in plain sight. Here is what you should know.

Thumbnail image for Center Projects Brochure

Center Projects Brochure

3/27/18 - This Center projects brochure gives you short descriptions and overviews on projects housed at the Center.

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Food Waste Challenge

3/15/18 - This handout provides tips to help you eliminate food waste: Plan, Store, Dispose!

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Healthy Meeting Guide

3/1/18 - This fact sheet gives tips on how you can have healthy and active meetings at your business or organization.

Thumbnail image for What Can I Pack In My Child's Lunch?

What Can I Pack In My Child's Lunch?

2/12/18 - Mix & match from MyPlate Food Groups. Thinking about lunched in food groups helps ensure your child gets the nutrients he or she needs.

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Child Obesity in Texas

9/20/17 - Child obesity rates and statistics on obesity-related health behaviors from the 2015-2016 SPAN Survey results.

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2015-2016 SPAN Fact Sheets

9/19/17 - Download detailed 2015-2016 SPAN Survey results, sorted into one-page fact sheets by grade (2nd, 4th, 8th, and 11th) and Health Service Region.

Thumbnail image for Creating a Culture of Bicycling & Walking

Creating a Culture of Bicycling & Walking

7/11/17 - This infographic describes the importance of "Open Streets" events to promote community physical activity with bicycling and walking.

Thumbnail image for The Appeal of E-Cigarette Flavors

The Appeal of E-Cigarette Flavors

4/13/17 - This infographic describes how sweet and fruity flavors may be enticing younger texans to try e-cigarettes.

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