Texas Adolescent Tobacco and Marketing Surveillance system

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The goals of this project are to further understanding about (a) the diversity of tobacco products used by youth and (b) the impact of tobacco product marketing on use behaviors. We will establish the Texas Adolescent Tobacco and Marketing Surveillance system (TATAMS) in the four largest cities of Texas: Houston, Dallas-Ft. Worth, San Antonio, and Austin.

These surveys will be administered to 3 cohorts of students (n = 6,600 students) and will assess tobacco use behaviors; cognitive and affective factors; and self-reported exposure and receptivity to tobacco marketing. TATAMS will also conduct direct observation of tobacco marketing and sales, using GIS mapping to document the impact that point-of-sale displays around schools have on youth; using regional Nielsen data to understand characteristics of tobacco products that youth may prefer; and conducting impact and content analyses of tobacco marketing in print publications, like magazines. TATAMS will build a strong evidence base for tobacco product regulation to inform FDA’s authority over the manufacturing, sales, and marketing of tobacco products to, in turn, prevent the onset and progression of tobacco use among youth.