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Presentations, Press & Reports - Health of Houston Survey 2010

The Health of Houston Survey presentations, reports, questionnaires and survey promotional materials are available for download and printing.

  Presentations Presentations using HHS data

Thomas Brassell, Kristie Healey, James Dayton, Randal ZuWallack, Dritana Marko, Stephen Linder, Thomas Reynolds. When to Use Non-Probability. An evaluation of the use of a non-probability mobile panel in a post-disaster area in comparison to a probability sample. Presentation at FedCASIC, 2018 Annual Conference, Suitland, MD. Available at:

Randal ZuWallack, Yangyang Deng, Thomas Brassell, Dritana Marko, Stephen Linder, Thomas Reynolds. Rebuilding the frame post-disaster. Assessing the impact of infrastructure damage to landline in Houston. 2018. Presentation at FedCASIC, 2018 Annual Conference, Suitland, MD

Naomi Freedner-Maguire (ICF). How Disasters Change Respondents – An evaluation of Changes in Self-reported Health of Houston Residents after Hurricane Harvey. 2018 AAPOR Annual Conference

Bonnie Chu. Harris County Animal Overpopulation Crisis and Health Equity. APHA 2018. Harris County Public Health, Houston, TX.

Estes LJ, Tullar TM, Marko D, Reynolds TF, and Linder SH. Mental Health Status and Access among Adults in the Houston Area. APHA 2011. Available at:

Tullar TM, Marko D, Estes LJ, Reynolds TF, and Linder SH. Creating an informed network of community partners: Health of Houston Survey 2010. APHA 2011. Available at:

Presentation at Greater Houston Partnership - 2012

Housing and Community Development Stakeholder’s Meeting - 2012

Creating an informed network of community partners - APHA 2011

Mental health status and access - APHA 2011

Survey Overview - 2009

Newspaper  Press

CultureMap Houston 12-1-11

Texas Medical Center News Online 12-1-11

Houston Chronicle 11-11-11

The CW-39 KIAH-TV Houston 11-8-11

Houston Chronicle 11-7-11

Buena Suerte 9-10

Houston Defender 8-10

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2010 Phone (CATI)/Web questionnaire 

2010 Mail questionnaire

2018 Phone (CATI) questionnaire

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HHS2010 Methodology Report

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