Dairy Farm Safety

Dairy Farm Safety - Dairy Farm Safety

A novel training program in dairy safety leadership and management is currently being developed to strengthen and fortify safety knowledge among participating dairy supervisors. This training initiative features a wide variety of safety topics, emphasizes techniques to foster strong leadership development, and encourages participants to apply what they have learned through a series of practical safety assessments. This is achieved through a sophisticated sequence of training videos and materials developed by academic and industry experts. The training material will be posted and made available on this website upon completion.

Dairy Safety Training Video Series

Each link below will launch a video with training on the indicated topic.

Part I:

  1. Introduction
  2. Outside Animal Care
  3. Milking Barn Safety
  4. Feeding and Other Safety Issues

Part II

  1. General and Outside Worker Safety
  2. Milker & Calf Caretaker Safety
  3. Feeder Safety

Web links to the safety leadership and management trainings will be located on this tab. The links will be placed in the near future. We appreciate your patience.