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Southwest Center for Occupational and Environmental Health

Metal Air Pollution Partnership Solutions (MAPPS)


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UTHealth receives $2.5 million to study metal recycling particle emissions in Houston

The Project and Partners

Metal recycling facilities accept and process scrap metals. The benefits of metal recycling over the use of raw materials include energy savings, the conservation of resources, and job creation. Yet, some recycling plants in Houston are in close proximity to neighborhoods and concerns have been raised by residents about smoke and dust. 

MAPPS is a collaborative research-to-action project of The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) School of Public Health to study and address potential health risks associated with air emissions from metal recycling facilities in Houston. In addition to UTHealth School of Public Health, other research partners include Air Alliance Houston, the Houston Health Department Bureau of Pollution Control and Prevention, and Rice University working collaboratively with metal recycling industry representatives and neighborhood residents.  


The MAPPS five-year research-to-action project will be conducted in three phases: 

Research: Conduct outdoor air monitoring, determine health risks and describe residents’ environmental health concerns
Action: Develop and apply a plan to address the research findings
Evaluation: Measure the success of our action plan


Principal Investigator

Research Partners

UTHealth School of Public Health
Rice University
 Air Alliance Houston
Houston Health Department, Bureau of Pollution Control and Prevention
 Former Members

Community Advisory Board

Metal Recyclers
Neighborhood Residents
 Former Members

Environmental Concern?

Do you have an environmental health concern relating to Allied Alloys, CMC Recycling, Cronimet, or Spectrum?  Click on the flyers below to learn how to address your concerns (available in English and Spanish).

South Park Near Allied Alloys

MAPPS_Who_To_Contact_Flyer_F102918_Allied_Alloys MAPPS_Who_To_Contact_Flyer_AA_F103018_S

Fifth Ward/Northside Near CMC Recyling


Magnolia Park Near Cronimet

MAPPS_Who_To_Contact_Flyer_F102918_Cronimet MAPPS_Who_To_Contact_Flyer_Cronimet_F103018_S

Magnolia Park Near Spectrum/EMR

MAPPS_Who_To_Contact_Flyer_F102918_Spectrum MAPPS_Who_To_Contact_Flyer_EMR_F103018_S
Community Reports

South Park Near Allied Alloys

aa_english AA_Spanish

Fifth Ward/Northside Near CMC Recyling

CMC_English CMC_Spanish

Magnolia Park Near Cronimet

Cronimet_English Cronimet_Spanish

Magnolia Park Near Spectrum/EMR

Spectrum_English Spectrum_Spanish
CAB Meeting
Sampling Staff in Training
MAMML and Air Samplers
Air Samplers
Air Sampling in Action

MAPPS Brochures and Flyers Volantes y Folletos de MAPPS (por sus siglas en inglés) 

Do you want to learn more MAPPS project?  Click on the brochure and flyer below. 




2018 MAPPS Community Forums

The MAPPS team held Community Forums in South Park, Northside/5th Ward, and Magnolia Park.  We shared our health risk assessment results and plan of action to minimize metal air pollution and improve communication to address environmental health concerns.  Click the flyer button below to get more information. 

South Park Community Forum:
Thursday, November 8, 2018 at Kelso Elementary



Northside/5th Ward Community Forum:
Tuesday, November 13, 2018 at Sherman Elementary



Magnolia Park Community Forum:
Thursday, November 15, 2018 at Edison Middle School