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The University of Texas School of Public Health provides a direct service to communities through the research efforts of its campuses, divisions and research centers and the Institute for Health Policy. It is the school’s objective to translate its discoveries into policies and programs that have a beneficial impact on the health of the public across Texas and globally.

The school’s research centers have been developed by faculty to enhance areas of interdisciplinary research. The centers play an important role in supporting the diverse areas of public health and give students excellent opportunities to interact in real world work environments.

What We Do

The Office of Research provides faculty and students with leadership, guidance and coordination of:

  • Pre-award activities for grant and contract proposals;
  • Approval of culminating experience, thesis and dissertation proposals (prior to beginning the research) for human subjects risks, compliance with HIPAA guidelines, scientific merit and relevant School of Public Health and University of Texas Health Science Center policies.

All students of the School of Public Health submit their culminating experience, thesis or dissertation proposal to the Office of Research after their academic committee has approved and signed it for review and approval by the Associate Dean for Research.


Recent Faculty Publications

Adams, J., Schmid, J., Parker, R. D., Coast, J. R., Cheng, D., Killian, A. D., McCray, S., Strauss, D.,  McLeroy Dejong, S., & Berbarie, R. (2013). Comparison of force exerted on the sternum during a sneeze versus during low-, moderate-, and high-intensity bench press resistance exercise with and without the valsalva maneuver in healthy volunteers. The American Journal of Cardiology, doi:10.1016/j.amjcard.2013.11.064; 10.1016/j.amjcard.2013.11.064

Advani, P. S., Ying, J., Theriault, R., Melhem-Bertrand, A., Moulder, S., Bedrosian, I., Tereffe, W., Black, S., Pini, T.M., & Brewster, A. M. (2013). Ethnic disparities in adherence to breast cancer survivorship surveillance care. Cancer, doi:10.1002/cncr.28490; 10.1002/cncr.28490

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Ajami, N. J., Kavanagh, O. V., Ramani, S., Crawford, S. E., Atmar, R. L., Jiang, Z. D., Okhuysen, P. C., Estes, M. K., & Dupont, H. L. (2014). Seroepidemiology of norovirus-associated travelers’ diarrhea. Journal of Travel Medicine, 21(1), 6-11. doi:10.1111/jtm.12092; 10.1111/jtm.12092

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Allicock, M., Haynes-Maslow, L., Carr, C., Orr, M., Kahwati, L. C., Weiner, B. J., & Kinsinger, L. (2013). Training veterans to provide peer support in a weight-management program: MOVE! Preventing Chronic Disease, 10, E185. doi:10.5888/pcd10.130084; 10.5888/pcd10.130084

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Bressler, J., Pankow, J. S., Coresh, J., & Boerwinkle, E. (2013). Interaction between the NOS3 gene and obesity as a determinant of risk of type 2 diabetes: The atherosclerosis risk in communities study. PloS One, 8(11), e79466. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0079466; 10.1371/journal.pone.0079466

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Businelle, M. S., Kendzor, D. E., Kesh, A., Cuate, E. L., Poonawalla, I. B., Reitzel, L. R., Okuyemi, K. S., & Wetter, D. W. (2014). Small financial incentives increase smoking cessation in homeless smokers: A pilot study. Addictive Behaviors, 39(3), 717-720. doi:10.1016/j.addbeh.2013.11.017; 10.1016/j.addbeh.2013.11.017

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 PI Name

Investigator Type


The Suitability of the Vittamed Two-Depth Transcranial Doppler for the Non-Invasive Assessment of Intracranial Pressure DeSantis, Stacia (PI) BCM
Association Analysis of Rare Variants with Sequencing Data Wei, Peng (PI) U of Minnesota
Boerwinkle, Eric (Multi-PI)
Genetic Susceptibility and Risk Model for Pancreatic Cancer Wei, Peng (PI) NIH
Environmental Performance of Dairy as Part of a Sustainable Diet Henderson, Andrew (PI) Dairy Research Institute
Determining DNA Damage in Giardia at Different Wavelengths Rodriguez, Roberto (PI) U of Colorado Denver
Epidemiological Research on Autism in Jamaica – Phase II Rahbar, Mohammad Hossein (PI) NIH
Boerwinkle, Eric (CI)
Bressler, Jan (CI)
A Study of Fecal Microbiota Transplantation for the Treatment of Gastrointestinal Disorders DuPont, Herbert L. (PI) SLEH
Jiang, Zhi-Dong (Co-PI)
Effects of Light Rail Transit on Physical Activity:  A Natural Experiment Kohl III, Harold (PI) NIH
Durand, Casey (CI)
Gabriel, Kelley Pettee (CI)
Hoelscher, Deanna M. (CI)
Oluyomi, Abiodun O. (CI)
Swank, Paul R. (CI)
Implement Medical Homes in HPSA and Other Rural and Impoverished Areas McCormick, Joseph B. (PI) UTSA
Fisher-Hoch, Susan P. (CI)
Rahbar, Mohammad Hossein (CI)
Reininger, Belinda M. (CI)
Establish/Expand a Patient Care Navigation Program Based on a Mobile Clinic Model Reininger, Belinda M. (PI) U of TX HSC San Antonio
Fisher-Hoch, Susan P. (CI)
McCormick, Joseph B. (CI)
Expand Model of Management of Chronic Diseases in Lower Valley of RHP 5 Reininger, Belinda M. (PI) U of TX HSC San Antonio
Fisher-Hoch, Susan P. (CI)
McCormick, Joseph B. (CI)
Valerio, Melissa (CI)
Tobacco Center of Regulatory Science on Youth and Young Adults Perry, Cheryl (PI) NIH
Brown III, Henry S. (CI)
Kelder, Steven H. (CI)
Perez, Adriana (CI)
Stigler, Melissa (CI)
Vandewater, Elizabeth (CI)
Wilkinson, Anna (CI)
“Go Austin! Vamos Austin! (GAVA)” Byrd-Williams, Courtney Erin (PI) SUSTAINABLE FOOD CTR
The impact of a coalition-driven, multi-component intervention on weight status, physical activity and healthy eating among economically disadvantaged Evans, Alexandra (PI) CITY OF AUSTIN
Ranjit, Nalini (CI)
Fitness and Recreational Improvements at Dove Springs District Park Evans, Alexandra (PI) ST. DAVID’S FOUNDATION
Ranjit, Nalini (CI)
Promoting breast and cervical cancer screening among Vietnamese nail salon workers: An evidence based approach Fernandez-Esquer, Maria E. (PI) CPRIT
Le, Yen-Chi L. (Project Director)
A Text Message Intervention to Increase HPV Vaccine Completion in Young Latinas Roncancio, Angelica (PI) NIH
Fernandez-Esquer, Maria E. (Mentor)
Abstinence Education Services Hernandez, Belinda Flores (PI) DSHS
Markham, Christine (CI)
Peskin, Melissa Fleschler (CI)
Tanzania Aids Prevention Program 2 McCurdy, Sheryl A. (PI) MUHIMBILI U
Ratliff, Eric Alan (CI)
Ross, Michael W. (CI)
Implement Evidence-Based Health Promotion Programs through a Community Wide Campaign to Promote Healthy Lifestyles Reininger, Belinda M. (PI) U of TX HSC San Antonio
Lee, MinJae (CI)
Valerio, Melissa (CI)
Evaluation of the Heart and Stroke Healthy City Program Valerio, Melissa (PI) DSHS
Inequalities in Health and Healthcare in Immigrant Populations in Italy Franzini, Luisa (PI) U OF PERUGIA, ITALY


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Unit 1:
Epidemiology, Human Genetics & Environmental Sciences

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Health Promotion & Behavioral Science and
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