Office of Research

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The University of Texas School of Public Health provides a direct service to communities through the research efforts of its campuses, divisions and research centers and the Institute for Health Policy. It is the school’s objective to translate its discoveries into policies and programs that have a beneficial impact on the health of the public across Texas and globally.

The school’s research centers have been developed by faculty to enhance areas of interdisciplinary research. The centers play an important role in supporting the diverse areas of public health and give students excellent opportunities to interact in real world work environments.

What We Do

The Office of Research provides faculty and students with leadership, guidance and coordination of:

  • Pre-award activities for grant and contract proposals;
  • Approval of culminating experience, thesis and dissertation proposals (prior to beginning the research) for human subjects risks, compliance with HIPAA guidelines, scientific merit and relevant School of Public Health and University of Texas Health Science Center policies.

All students of the School of Public Health submit their culminating experience, thesis or dissertation proposal to the Office of Research after their academic committee has approved and signed it for review and approval by the Associate Dean for Research.

Recent Faculty Publications

Abbass, I. M., Virani, S. S., Michael Swint, J., Chan, W., & Franzini, L. (2014). One-year outcomes associated with using observation services in triaging patients with nonspecific chest pain. Clinical Cardiology, doi:10.1002/clc.22319 [doi]

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Albero G, Castellsague X, Lin H-Y, Fulp W, Villa LL, Lazcano-Ponce E, Papenfuss M, Abrahamsen M, Salmerón J, Quiterio M, Nyitray AG, Lu B, Bosch FX, Giuliano AR. Male circumcision and the incidence and clearance of genital human papillomavirus (HPV) infection in men: the HPV Infection in Men (HIM) cohort Study. BMC Infectious Diseases. 14:75. DOI: 10.1186/10.1186/1471-2334-14-75. PMID: 24517172.

Anderson, A. M., Ross, M. W., Nyoni, J. E., & McCurdy, S. A. (2014). High prevalence of stigma-related abuse among a sample of men who have sex with men in Tanzania: Implications for HIV prevention. AIDS Care, , 1-8. doi:10.1080/09540121.2014.951597 [doi]

Archer, N. P., Wilkinson, A. V., Ranjit, N., Wang, J., Zhao, H., Swann, A. C., & Shete, S. (2014). Genetic, psychosocial, and demographic factors associated with social disinhibition in Mexican-origin youth. Brain and Behavior, 4(4), 521-530. doi:10.1002/brb3.236 [doi]

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PI Name

Investigator Type


Border Biomedical Research Center (BBRC) Mena, Kristina (PI) U of TX EL PASO
Maternal Residential Proximity to Shale Gas Extraction and Pregnancy Outcomes Whitworth, Kristina Walker (PI) NIH
Symanski, Elaine (CI)
Buffer Zones/Infill Development – Environmental and Public Health Effects of Traffic Congestion and Increased Vehicle Emissions Triggered by Infill De Zhang, Kai (PI) TxDoT
Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment at the ISS:  Data Needs and Methods to Quantify Health Risks Associated with Microorganism Exposures via Air an Mena, Kristina (PI) USRA
Rare Variants and NHLBI Traits in Deeply Phenotyped Cohorts Boerwinkle, Eric (PI) U of Washington
Morrison, Alanna C. (CI)
Tooth agenesis as a clinical marker for colon cancer Liu, Xiaoming (PI) NIH
Clonal Spread of Clostridium difficile Strains of Community and Hospital Origin at a University Hospital in Houston and Evaluation of State of Art Met DuPont, Herbert L. (PI) DSHS
Jiang, Zhi-Dong (CI)
Impact of Amino Acid Variants and Interaction on Lipid Profiles and Incidents CHD Boerwinkle, Eric (PI) GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY
Wei, Peng (CI)
Economic Contraction and Alcohol-Related Suicides:  A Multilevel Analysis Caetano, Raul (PI) U OF CALIFORNIA
Development and dissemination of a model to predict optimal security personnel staffing for hospitals Reingle, Jennifer (PI) IHSSF
Unifying Molecular Evolution, Spatial Epidemiology and Host Adaptation of Emerging Influenza A Viruses Bahl, Justin (PI) ST. JUDE
Consulting Services Agreement DuPont, Herbert L. (PI) BCM
Jiang, Zhi-Dong (CI)
Culturally Adapted Brief Motivational Intervention for Heavy Drinking Latinos Brown, Louis (PI) U of TX EL PASO
Social and Cultural Influences on Cardiovascular Risk in South Asians Fujimoto, Kayo (PI) NW-U
Culturally adapted brief motivational intervention for heavy drinking latinos Fernandez-Esquer, Maria E. (PI) U of TX EL PASO
GO! Austin / VAMOS! Austin Byrd-Williams, Courtney Erin (PI) FOUNDATION COMMUNITIES
Evaluation of Community Coalitions in Mexico Brown, Louis (PI) PC
Reaching Medicaid and Vulnerable families to transform preventive health through a community health worker outreach Brown, Louis (PI) CITY OF El Paso
Balcazar, Hector (Co-PI)
Salud y Vida:  Greater support for better health Reininger, Belinda M. (PI) VALLEY BAPTIST LEGACY FOUNDATION
Peer Facilities VISN Contract FY14-15 Rajan, Suja (PI) VAMC




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