Learn More About Research at UTSPH

The University of Texas School of Public Health provides a direct service to communities through the research efforts of its campuses, divisions and research centers and the Institute for Health Policy. It is the school’s objective to translate its discoveries into policies and programs that have a beneficial impact on the health of the public across Texas and globally.

The school’s research centers have been developed by faculty to enhance areas of interdisciplinary research. The centers play an important role in supporting the diverse areas of public health and give students excellent opportunities to interact in real world work environments.

What We Do

The Office of Research provides faculty and students with leadership, guidance and coordination of:

  • Pre-award activities for grant and contract proposals;
  • Approval of culminating experience, thesis and dissertation proposals (prior to beginning the research) for human subjects risks, compliance with HIPAA guidelines, scientific merit and relevant School of Public Health and University of Texas Health Science Center policies.

All students of the School of Public Health submit their culminating experience, thesis or dissertation proposal to the Office of Research after their academic committee has approved and signed it for review and approval by the Associate Dean for Research.

Recent Faculty Publications

Aarestrup, A. K., Jorgensen, T. S., Jorgensen, S. E., Hoelscher, D. M., Due, P., & Krolner, R. (2015). Implementation of strategies to increase adolescents' access to fruit and vegetables at school: Process evaluation findings from the boost study. BMC Public Health, 15, 86-015-1399-9. doi:10.1186/s12889-015-1399-9 [doi]

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PI Name

Investigator Type


TCD with Transfusions Changing to Hydroxyurea - SDMC Davis, Barry R. PI Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Pressel, Sara L. Co-PI
Kim, Soeun CI
Simpson, Lara M. CI
Wei, Peng CI
Piller, Linda B. CI
Determining the Effects of Early Exercise and Physical Therapy on Outcomes Using the Parkinson's Outcomes Project Dataset Luo, Sheng PI National Parkinson
Inactivation of pathogens by sunlight Rodriguez, Roberto PI U of Colorado - Denver
Hazardous Materials Worker Health and Safety Training (U45) Cooperative Agreement Emery, Robert John PI NIH
Rios, Janelle CI
CHARGE consortium:  Gene Discovery for CVD and Aging Phenotypes Boerwinkle, Eric PI U of Washington
Study of Women's Health Across the Nation (SWAN) Gabriel, Kelley Pettee PI Kaiser Permanente
Circulating Dietary & Metabolic Fatty Acids, Major CVD Outcomes, & Healthy Aging Otto, Marcia C. de Oliveira PI Tufts
Determine Stability of Human Microbiota Product during Storage of One Month to Twelve Months Jiang, Zhi-Dong PI Roderick D. MacDonald Research Fund
Ke, Shi CI
Brighter Bites Sharma, Shreela V. PI TX Food Band Network
Computational Cancer Biology Training Grant under CPRIT Grant Application RP140113 Boerwinkle, Eric PI U of Houston
Longitudinal Evaluation of Teens Against Tobacco Use Brown, Louis PI Paso del Norte Health Foundation
Exploring Perspectives on Genomics and Sickle Cell Public Health Interventions McCurdy, Sheryl A. PI U of Capetown
Texas Mother-Friendly Worksite Technical Assistance and Support Program Byrd-Williams, Courtney Erin PI TDSHS
Sharma, Shreela V. CI
Evaluation of Texas Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Childhood Obesity Programs Byrd-Williams, Courtney Erin PI Seton Family
Maternal Pertussis Immunization to Reduce Deaths and Sever Disease in Young Infants:  Costs and Health Consequences Kim, Sun-Young PI Rutgers U.
Cities Changing Diabetes Linder, Stephen H. PI Novo Nordisk
Marko, Dritana CI
Assessing the Needs of Rural Healthcare Providers for the Implementation of Evidence Based Practices Troisi, Catherine L. PI The Immunization Partnership

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