Unit Contact Information

Research Staff


Sr. Associate Dean, Academic and Research Affairs
Susan Emery, Ph.D.
Office: RAS W118A
Phone: 713-500-9634

    Office of Research

    Director of Research Services
    Brian Miller
    Office: RAS W222
    Phone: 713-500-9054
    Administrative Coordinator/Pre-award Database
    Pat Perez
    Office: RAS W206
    Phone: 713-500-9064
    Fax: 713-500-9068

    Unit 1: Epidemiology, Human Genetics & Environmental Sciences

    Faculty Lead
    Craig Hanis, PhD
    Office: RAS W423
    Phone: 713-500-9807
    Staff Lead
    Alma Farias-Barba
    Office: RAS W636
    Phone: 713-500- 9235
    Faculty Lead
    Eric Boerwinkle, PhD
    Office: RAS E447
    Phone: 713-500-9816
    Staff Lead
    Tressie Wallace Jackson
    Office: RAS E451
    Phone: 713-500-9803

    Unit 2: Health Promotion & Behavioral Science

    Faculty Lead
    Susan Tortolero, PhD
    Office: RAS W118A
    Phone: 713-500-9091
    Staff Lead
    Lashawda Martin
    Office: UCT 2058
    Phone: 713-500-9607

    Unit 3: Biostatistics

    Faculty Lead
    Barbara Tilley, PhD
    Office: RAS W922
    Phone: 713-500-9524
    Staff Lead
    Marice Barahona
    Office: RAS E835
    Phone: 713-500-9440

    Coordinating Center for Clinical Trials

    Faculty Lead
    Barry Davis, Ph.D.

    Office: RAS W916
    Phone: 713-500-9515
    Staff Lead
    Larry Cormier
    Office: RAS E823
    Phone: 713-500-9522

    Unit 4: Management, Policy and Community Health

    Staff Lead
    Keith Moore
    Office: RAS E921
    Phone: 713-500-9435

    Unit 5: Dell Center - Austin

    Faculty Lead
    Deanna Hoelscher, Ph.D.Office: UTA 6.310
    Phone: 512--391-2510
    Staff Lead
    Harold Flenoy Office: UTA 6.306
    Phone: 512-391-2515

    Mailing/Street Address:
    UT School of Public Health
    Office of Research
    1200 Herman Pressler St., Room E-217
    Houston, Texas 77030