Student Research

Student Research

Welcome to the UTHealth School of Public Health Office of Research. There are several steps in the student research process. Here you will find a general overview of the research process as well as detailed instructions and forms for submitting your proposal, formatting your CE, thesis or dissertation, getting IRB approval, and finding funding for your project.

  • For an overview of the culminating experience/student research process, please click on the CE/Thesis/Dissertation Guides, which are linked below.
  • For proposal submission instructions and forms, as well as IRB information, click on the “Forms and Instructions” tab above.
  • Templates for formatting your CE, thesis or dissertation can be found by clicking on the “Templates” tab above.
  • For information on funding opportunities, click on the “Funding Opportunities” tab above.

Your advisor or the Office of Research are always available to answer your questions on next steps in the process.

MPH Culminating Experience Guide

MS Thesis Guide

PhD/DrPH Dissertation Guide


Submission Instructions for CE/Thesis/Dissertation Proposals:

Forms  - Required for all CE/Thesis/Dissertation Proposals:

Additional Proposal Forms:

IRB/Training Links:

CITI Human Subjects Training -  Required for all students. Choose either the Biomedical or Behavioral Sciences, Basic Course.

UT Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects - The UTHSC IRB

iRIS  - Online Application for UTHSC IRB approval

iRIS Training - Optional Training

Office of Research Support Committees

Forms for Other UTHSC Review Committees:

Institutional Biosafety Committee, Chemical Safety and Radiation Safety; Animal Welfare Committee

Student Research Guides:


Style Templates for WCE, Thesis and Dissertations

The following Style templates are provided for formatting your Written CE, thesis, or dissertation with the correct margins, font style, page numbering, table of contents, etc. These templates can be used to format the proposal as well as the final document. Formatting is a requirement for the final document. The Style Template Checklist should be used along with the templates, and must be used for the final document when not using the Templates.

Using Style Templates for the Proposal

The proposal becomes the beginning chapters of the final WCE/thesis/dissertation. Therefore, students are encouraged (but not required) to use the templates for developing the proposal. More information about the proposal content and submission process is provided in the CE/Thesis/Dissertation Guides and elsewhere at:  If you choose to use the Style Templates for your proposal, please omit the following sections:

    • Signature page
    • Copyright page
    • Dedication
    • Title page
    • Preface
    • Acknowledgements
    • Results
    • Discussion & Conclusion sections

Using Style Templates for the Final WCE, Thesis or Dissertation

Students are required to format the final WCE/thesis/dissertation.  Students should work with their CE/thesis/dissertation committee to decide which template is appropriate. Two templates are available: without Journal Article, or with Journal Article(s).

MPH and MS students should work with their advisor and committee to format the WCE/thesis. The student and committee members are the only reviewers of the final document format. The final WCE/Thesis is uploaded electronically to the UMI system after the committee approves the final document. For deadlines, please see “Important Dates” on the Student Research page:   For more information about final steps to graduation, please visit the Office of Student Affairs page at:

DrPH and PhD students are required to meet with the Office of Research for a format review of their dissertation draft before submitting the final printed document to the Office of Research. For deadlines, please see “Important Dates” on the Student Research page:  For more information about final steps to graduation, please visit the Office of Student Affairs page at:

Style Templates

  Style Template Checklist

Please note: 1) The Style Template “With Journal Article(s)” is intended for use when journal article(s) will be completed with the WCE/Thesis/Dissertation.  Article(s) are inserted into the “Results” section of the final WCE/Thesis/Dissertation.  2) Templates are saved as .docx files.  If you are using a 2003 or earlier version of Word, you should convert to a compatible version (.doc) when downloading the file (save as Word 97-2003 document). 3)  Style templates are formatted for margins, font, page order, and page numbering. The signature page, title page, table of contents, lists of figures and list of tables pages, etc. are set to standard.  The Style Template Checklist provides additional formatting guidelines to make sure work meets the requirements set forth by the UT School of Public Health.