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It’s Your Game Tech – A Web-Based Middle School HIV Prevention Curricula: Aspiring for Reach and Impact

Project Description

The goals of It’s Your Game Tech are to:

1. Reduce intentions among middle school students to engage in sexual intercourse
2. Reduce the proportion of students that are sexually active.

The program is adapted from an effective HIV, STI, and pregnancy prevention program for middle school youth, entitled It’s Your Game…Keep It Real (IYG). It will consist of 13 interactive web-based lessons for 8th grade students that address peer norms, attitudes, self-efficacy, refusal skills, and communication skills related to healthy relationships, dating, and sexual risk-taking behavior. The activities will integrate knowledge, skills, and concepts related to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and The Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS). The program will be delivered by trained facilitators from UT and the laptops required for the lessons will also be provided by UT.

Another aspect of It’s Your Game Tech is an evaluation of the program. Twenty middle schools will be invited to participate in the study, ten of which will be randomized to the intervention group and ten to the comparison group. A total of 1,600 8th grade students will be recruited to participate in the study. There will be a baseline survey and two follow-up surveys. Active parental permission will be required for students to participate in the study and all schools will have free access to the program if it is found to be effective.

For more information on this project, contact the Principal Investigators:

Melissa F. Peskin
(713) 500-9759

Ross Shegog
(713) 500-9677



Funding Agency

National Institutes of Health

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