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Intervention to Increase Screening for Cervical Cancer in Women of Mexican Descent

Project Description

This study will be the third phase of a larger study intended to increase screening for cervical cancer among women of Mexican descent who are rarely or never screened.

AIM 1: To examine the efficacy of the AMIGAS program.

AIM 2: To characterize the effectiveness of the major components of the program (with promotoras).

AIM 3: To conduct a process evaluation to ensure appropriate delivery of the intervention.

AIM 4: To conduct a cost-effectiveness analysis of the intervention to assess: Recruit 200 women of Mexican origin (who are not compliant with CC screening guidelines) from each of three areas: 1. El Paso (US-México border) 2. Houston (urban) 3. Yakima Valley, Washington (rural).


For more information on this project, contact the Principal Investigator:

Theresa L. Byrd
(915) 747-8504


Funding Agency

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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SIP 12-09 (Charles Begley, PI; Ross Shegog, PI)