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It’s Your Game…Keep It Real: Delaying Sexual Behavior with an Innovative HIV, STI, and pregnancy Middle School Curriculum

Project Description

It’s Your Game…Keep it Real (IYG) is a classroom- and computer-based HIV, STI, and pregnancy prevention program for middle school students. It consists of twelve 50-minute lessons delivered in level one and twelve 50-minute lessons delivered in level 2. In each grade, the program integrates group-based classroom activities (e.g., role plays, group discussion, and small group activities) with personalized journaling and individual tailored activities that are computer-based. The program was developed using Intervention Mapping, a detailed process which incorporates both theoretical (Social Cognitive Theory, Theory of Triadic Influence, Social Influence Models) and empirical evidence.

For more information on this project, contact the Principal Investigator:

Susan Tortolero
(713) 500-9634


Funding Agency

National Institutes of Health – National InstituteĀ of Mental Health

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