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~ Marie Curie
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Why Sex Education is important

Watch this short video to learn more about It's Your Game...Keep It Real, the evidence-based sexual health program designed by the University of Texas Prevention Research Center for middle school students.

Featured Resources

  • oah-websiteLGB Youth: Challenges, Risks, and Protective Factors

    This tip sheet provides an overview of key statistics that describe the challenges LGB youth face and their risk and protective factors, a brief explanation of LGB youth risk behavior and suggestions for creating a safe space in your program.

  • What’s allowed?

    Interested in what can be taught in Human Sexuality classes in Texas public schools?

  • Get the facts about adolescent sexual health

    Learn more about the problem of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections among adolescents and how you can help.

  • spark action websiteSpark Action Center

    See the toolkit and use the resources of the Spark Action Center for advocacy and to change policies for children and youth.

  • Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions

    All your frequently asked questions about the UTPRC and talking about adolescent sexual health.