The University of Texas Prevention Research Center


We at The University of Texas Prevention Research Center (UTPRC) are committed to providing quality tools and data to assist you in improving the health and well being of the people of Houston and Texas. Our site offers a range of publications, products and other resources from a variety of health and health behavior research areas.


Funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, UTPRC conducts groundbreaking prevention research on a number of health topics including cancer, sexual health, heart disease and epilepsy.

Prevention in Action Newsletter

Prevention in Action highlights current research activities and events at The University of Texas Prevention Research Center and features resources and national news devoted to adolescent health.

Fact Sheets

A simple but effective way to present critical issues and compelling data surrounding adolescent sexual health, our fact sheets cover a range of sexual health topics and can be used as supplements to presentations and trainings or as stand alone resources for parents, educators, community members and policymakers.


The use of educational videos enhances and expands upon the traditional approaches to addressing public health issues.


The Internet has nearly limitless information and resources to help serve your needs. We have compiled several related and useful sites from government agencies, community-based and non-profit organizations, and academic institutions that can further enhance your efforts.