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Southwest Center for Occupational and Environmental Health

2017 - 2018

Marcio Bezerra, MS
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
Oxidative Gases Emission and Particulates’ Oxidative Potential from Non-conventional Welding 

Yu Feng, PhD
Oklahoma State University
A virtual human system for health risk assessments in a representative whole-lung configuration associated with welding fume exposure 

Erika Figueroa-Solis, MS
UTHealth School of Public Health
Pilot testing of the DEGREE Study Protocol, POC Field Measurements, and Module on Risk Factors for CKDu in Hispanic Outdoor Workers 

Jennifer Reingle Gonzalez, PhD
UTHealth School of Public Health - Dallas
The Law Enforcement Officer Stress Surveillance Study (LEO-STRESS) Pilot 

Ashley Shortz, MSPH
Texas A&M School of Public Health
Development of Fatigue Risk Assessment Method for High Risk Environments 

Wei-Chung Su, PhD
UTHealth School of Public Health
Ultrafine Particle Respiratory Deposition Measurement 

Ying Xu, PhD
University of Texas at Austin
Occupational Exposure to SVOCs from Indoor "Green" Paints