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Southwest Center for Occupational and Environmental Health


Sumit Mandal, PhD
Oklahoma State University
Using Artificial Neural Network Modeling to Analyze the Thermal Protective and Thermo-physiological Comfort Performance of Oil and Gas Industry Workers’ Clothing

Pedram Roghanchi, PhD
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Respirable crystalline silica dust characteristics and sources in the mining industry

Jennifer Scott, PhD
Louisiana State University
Health and wellbeing of H2 workers?

Mark Wilson, PhD
Tulane University
Physiological and psychological impacts of fabric face masks in the occupational environment: an assessment of real perceived heat stress, cardiovascular load, and work rate

Jianan Zhao, MA
Oklahoma State University
Mitigating infection risks to airborne SARS-CoV-2 laden aerosols in the patient rooms via in-table air sanitizers and smart ventilation control