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CHoosing And Maintaining Effective Programs for Sex Education in Schools

Welcome to iCHAMPSS, a decision-support system to help Texas school districts adopt, implement, and maintain effective programs for sexual health education. Whether you are just starting to think about effective programs for your district or you have been implementing effective programs in your district, iCHAMPSS has information and tools that can help you in the process.

Introduction to iCHAMPSS

View the Introduction to iCHAMPSS video for a general overview of iCHAMPSS and how to get the most out of the website. You may also review the easy 4-step How to Use the iCHAMPSS Website guide below to get started with using iCHAMPSS and accessing tools.

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How to Use iCHAMPSS

You can begin your iCHAMPSS journey right from the homepage using the following 4 steps. First, learn how to navigate adopting, implementing, and maintaining effective sexual health curricula through the 7-step model. Next, stage your district to determine your district's level of readiness for adopting, implementing, and maintaining effective curricula. Then, access and use over 60 tools to help you through the process. Finally, connect with others to share your story or find strategies to overcome any challenges you may be encountering.

How to Access iCHAMPSS Tools

Accessing the iCHAMPSS tools can be accomplished in 3 easy steps. First, identify the step your district is in iCHAMPSS. Then, identify the type of tool you need to help you accomplish your tasks. Finally, click on a tool to download and use.

Description of Tool Types

  • Step Overviews: Short videos that describe the goals for a step and how to use the tools in each step.
  • Success Stories: Short videos from school district stakeholders discussing how they were able to successfully adopt, implement, or maintain effective sexual health education in their district.
  • Facts and Tips Sheets: These are brief PDF documents summarizing factual information or strategies critical to accomplishing the tasks in a step. These can be printed to serve as an easy reference or as a handout for other people.
  • Helpful Links: Website links to external sources that provide more information on a particular task or topic in iCHAMPSS.
  • Templates: Documents that are fully customizable to meet your districts needs and to help your district advance to the next step in iCHAMPSS.

A - Z Glossary

View our A-Z Glossary if you are not familiar with a term used in iCHAMPSS.

Need Help Using the iCHAMPSS Website?

Send us an email with your question and contact information and we will respond as soon as we can.