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A Theory-Based Pregnancy, HIV, and Sexually
Transmitted Disease Prevention Program

It's Your Game...Keep It Real

Character Qualities

all-about-me-thumbAll About Me

Create a web page that paints a picture of who you are!

charecter-thumbCharacter to the Test

Watch “real world” situations that challenge your character. Identify which qualities of strong character are being tested, and decide how you would handle the situation.

Waiting Until Marriage

marriage-101-thumbMarried Couples: Why Wait?

Watch a video of young married couples talking about marriage, and play a game where you will identify some of the benefits of marriage.

your-reasons-thumbAssessing Your Reasons for Waiting

Play a “drag and drop” game that helps you clarify your reasons for waiting until marriage before having sex.

Skills Practice

partner-challenge-thumbThe Partner Challenge

Help Joe the “Jockmeister” protect his rule about waiting until marriage before he has sex.

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Requirements - RA
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