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A Theory-Based Pregnancy, HIV, and Sexually
Transmitted Disease Prevention Program

It's Your Game...Keep It Real


It’s Your Game…Keep It Real Training is required before curriculum implementation. This is an interactive training designed to enhance participants’ understanding of adolescent health and development, the issues adolescents face and how to help them develop healthy relationships and communication skills. Participants will come away with an understanding of the IYG curriculum and be prepared to confidently implement the curriculum in the classroom.

OAH Training

For the Harris County and surrounding area districts that are participating in IYG implementation, please click here for OAH Training to proceed to the OAH Training page.

These districts include: Aldine ISD, Alief ISD, KIPP Houston, Huffman ISD, Houston ISD, Lamar Consolidated, LaPorte ISD, Sheldon ISD, and Spring ISD,

Training Topics

Training Length

Training is 2 days, unless otherwise noted.

Who Should Attend

Training is designed for anyone preparing to implement the IYG curriculum, including those with little or no experience teaching sexual health as well as those who have experience, but have not yet been trained on the IYG curriculum.

Training will allow participants to:


You may contact Benaye Bell at (713) 500-9601 or [email protected]  for more information regarding IYG training cost.

No individuals or entities outside of the University of Texas Prevention Research Center are authorized to conduct IYG trainings at a cost. 

Next IYG Training Dates

Thank you for your interest in IYG!
Currently we do not have any IYG training events scheduled. If your district or organization is interested in receiving training in order to implement the IYG curriculum, please click on the PLANNING TO IMPLEMENT link below and complete the form. Please note that we require a minimum of 10 persons to have a training. If your organization does not have 10 potential participants, please complete the PLANNING TO IMPLEMENT form; we may be able to combine interested groups in order to meet training participant requirements. Depending on request details, we will either schedule a training event in Houston, Texas or a regional location that best suits our customer’s needs.

Ready to plan for implementation and training?

If you represent an agency or school district and would like to learn more about IYG implementation and training opportunities, please click on the button below and complete the Planning to Implement Form.

Training contact

You may contact Benaye Bell at (713) 500-9601 or [email protected] for more information regarding IYG training.


“Professionally, I appreciate any program that provides reliable and accurate information.”
-IYG Training Participant- Summer 2011

“Thank you for this class (IYG Training) for our students and also for me, as a parent.”
-IYG Training Participant- Summer 2011

“I truly enjoyed this training. It was comfortable, supportive and interactive. Great program, Great job!!
-IYG Training Participant- Summer 2011

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