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We train the next generation of public health leaders to understand the needs of their communities and innovate through research and collaboration.

The Department of Management, Policy, and Community Health (MPACH) at UTHealth School of Public Health offers Master of Public Health (MPH), Doctor of Public Health (DrPH), and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees and provides instruction in the disciplines of health economics, health services research, health care management, health policy, and community health practice.
We have over 35 faculty members who are experts in their fields and are dedicated to their students, engaging them in their research.
Our students from diverse backgrounds and collectively share a wealth of professional and educational experiences. Graduates go on to address public health challenges both domestically and internationally, applying their education to solve real world problems.

Degree Programs in Management, Policy, and Community Health


  • Health Economics / Health Services Research
  • Health Policy
  • Healthcare Management
  • Community Health Practice

Master of Public Health (MPH)

Healthcare Management

The MPH in Healthcare Management provides students with a solid foundation for managing in an interdisciplinary healthcare environment. The program provides training for students with interests in administration and management of a variety of healthcare environments, including hospitals, public health agencies, nursing homes, health systems, pharmaceutical firms, payers and other organizations in the healthcare sector. Students gains an appreciation of all aspects of management, including organizational theory, finance, operations management, law, and strategy, which will help to improve organizational and community decision-making. The program provides a basis for understanding key managerial functions within the broad spectrum of public and private health systems.

Community Health Practice

The MPH in Community Health Practice focuses on the application of public health sciences at the community level. Faculty and students are concerned with the assessment of population health, the planning, implementation and evaluation of health programs in community settings, and appraisal of community-level effects of health policies and programs. The teaching program emphasizes systematic analysis and appropriate use of quantitative and qualitative health data. Students develop and enhance their skills by examining community health issues in the classroom and the community.

Health Services Organization

The MPH in Health Services Organization emphasizes the planning, management, and evaluation of health service systems, services, technologies and policy. The curriculum includes health economics, decision analysis, health services research, public health and legislative processes, survey research, outcomes research, quantitative methods, evaluation research, health disparities and vulnerable populations, health administration, economic and social determinants of health, utilization of health services, and ethical and legal aspects of public health.


Doctor of Public Health (DrPH)

Community Health Practice

The DrPH program in Community Health Practice offers interdisciplinary training for students who wish practice at an advanced level or pursue academic careers in public health. The DrPH program emphasizes preparation for practice. It offers breadth acquiring essential competencies through the completion of courses in a major, a minor in Leadership, and a discipline or breadth minor. DrPH students are also expected to complete a practicum related to their area of interest.


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The PhD program in Management, Policy and Community Health is offered in the fields of health economics and health services research (PhD HE/HSR) and management (PhD Management) related to the health sector. Students interested in careers in these areas may pursue advanced study that leads to original research and culminates in the award of the PhD degree.

Health Economics / Health Services Research

The Doctor of Philosophy in Health Economics / Health Services Research (HE/HSR) emphasizes the economic evaluation of cost, access, and quality within the health care system. Students focus on understanding decision-making processes among consumers, providers, hospitals   clinics.

Healthcare Management and Policy

The Doctor of Philosophy in Healthcare Management emphasizes leadership development within healthcare organizations, understanding the complexities of healthcare delivery while addressing costs and quality.



Community Faculty Members
Integrated Data Systems Linda Highfield, Laura McKieran
Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) Linda Highfield, Vanessa Schick, Paula Stigler-Granados, Catherine Troisi
Cultural Competence & Diversity Vanessa Schick
Military Jose Betancourt, Robert Morgan (Veterans)
Homelessness Catherine Troisi 
Designing & Conducting Surveys Faculty Members
Biomarkers and Self-Sampling Vanessa Schick
Social Media  Paige Wermuth
Survey Design & Implementation Rigoberto Delgado, Nuria Homedes, Linda Lloyd, Dritana Marko, Laura McKieran, Robert Morgan, Frances Lee Revere, Vanessa Schick, Jessica Tullar, Paige Wermuth
Program Evaluation / Comparative Effectiveness Faculty Members
Behavioral Economics Carol Galeener, Suja S. Rajan
Cost Effectiveness Henry S. Brown III, Rigoberto Delgado, Trudy Krause, David Lairson, Suja S. Rajan, Dritana Marko, Michael Swint
Physician Costs Trudy Krause
Multiagency Collaborative Interventions Laura McKieran
Comparative Effectiveness / Outcomes Research Charles Begley, Cecilia Ganduglia-Cazaban, Trudy Krause, Laura McKieran, Robert Morgan, Suja S. Rajan, Paul Rowan
Statistical and Econometric Methods in Comparative Effectiveness  Suja S. Rajan
Program Evaluation Gretchen Gemeinhardt, Nuria Homedes, Linda Lloyd, Robert Morgan, Suja S. Rajan, Frances Lee Revere, Paul Rowan, Paula Stigler-Granados, Catherine Troisi
Environmental Faculty Members
Climate Change Paula Stigler-Granados
Cumulative Risk Stephen Linder, Dritana Marko
Healthy Homes Linda Lloyd
Tobacco Waste Paula Stigler-Granados
Management Faculty Members
Compliance Ellen Breckenridge, Gretchen Gemeinhardt
Cooperation Within and Across Organizations Rebecca Wells
Health Information Technology Ajit Appari, Cecilia Ganduglia-Cazaban, Trudy Krause
Hospital / Health Plan Administration Trudy Krause, Frances Lee Revere
Leadership Gretchen Gemeinhardt, Osama Mikhail, Catherine Troisi
Managerial Economics / Finance Rigoberto Delgado, Osama Mikhail, Suja S. Rajan, Frances Lee Revere
Occupational Health Trudy Krause, Jessica Tullar
Organizational Theory Ajit Appari, Gretchen Gemeinhardt, Rebecca Wells
Quality & Efficiency Improvement Ajit Appari, Jose Betancourt, Frances Lee Revere
Needs Assessment Faculty Members
Community Assessment  Linda Highfield, Nuria Homedes, Linda Lloyd, Laura McKieran, Paula Stigler-Granados, Catherine Troisi, Paige Wermuth
Organizational Needs Assessment Frances Lee Revere
Tracking Community & Population Health Gretchen Gemeinhardt, Stephen Linder, Dritana Marko, Laura McKieran, Thomas Reynolds
Policy Faculty Members
Policy Evaluation Charles Begley, Jose Betancourt, Cecilia Ganduglia-Cazaban, Trudy Krause, Stephen Linder, Linda Lloyd, Robert Morgan, Suja S. Rajan
Applied Microeconomics Ellerie Weber
International Policy Nuria Homedes, Pauline Rosenau
US Health Care Policy Trudy Krause, Robert Morgan, Pauline Rosenau
Texas Health Policy Charles Begley
Affordable Care Act Pauline Rosenau
Medicaid / Safety Net Charles Begley, Rebecca Wells
Medicare Robert Morgan
Private Insurance Trudy Krause
Health System Reform Pauline Rosenau
Health IT Policy Ajit Appari
Qualitative Faculty Members
Ethnography Gretchen Gemeinhardt, Paige Wermuth
Qualitative Methods Rigoberto Delgado, Nuria Homedes, Trudy Krause, Linda Lloyd, Vanessa Schick, Jessica Tullar, Rebecca Wells
Secondary Data Preparation & Analysis Faculty Members
Claims / Administrative / Clinical Ajit Appari, Henry S. Brown III, Cecilia Ganduglia-Cazaban, Trudy Krause, Robert Morgan, Suja S. Rajan, Jessica Tullar, Ellerie Weber
Health Care Utilization Cecilia Ganduglia Cazaban, Trudy Krause, David Lairson, Robert Morgan, Suja S. Rajan
National Survey Henry S. Brown III, Robert Morgan
Registry & Census Data Linda Highfield, Laura McKieran, Suja S. Rajan, Thomas Reynolds
Spatial Faculty Members
Built Environment / Urban Economics  Henry S. Brown III
GIS / Spatial & Cluster Analysis / Visualizing Geographic Distributions Linda Highfield, Dritana Marko, Laura McKieran, Thomas Reynolds, Paul Rowan, Paula Stigler-Granados
Spatial Econometrics Ellerie Weber
Disease Conditions Faculty Members
Behavioral Health Trudy Krause, Suja S. Rajan, Paul Rowan, Rebecca Wells
Breast Cancer / Mammography / Screening, Underserved Populations Linda Highfield, Suja S. Rajan
Chagas Paula Stigler Granados
Diabetes / Productivity Henry S. Brown III
Economics of Cancer Prevention David Lairson, Suja S. Rajan
Epilepsy Charles Begley
Global, Indigenous Nuria Homedes, Paula Stigler-Granados, Michael Swint
Infectious Diseases Catherine Troisi
Multiple Chronic Conditions Ajit Appari
Smoking Henry S. Brown III
Additional Methodological Faculty Members
Health Services Measurement Robert Morgan
Social Network Analysis Rebecca Wells

Management, Policy, and Community Health Centers and Institutes

Faculty in the MPACH Department at UTHealth SPH are leaders in the fields of healthcare management and health policy. There is no better location for management and policy research than the state of Texas and the Texas Medical Center. Students and researchers have access to over 20 hospitals, clinics, schools and other healthcare businesses in the largest medical center in the world.
The MPACH Department houses three research centers and an institute. UTHealth SPH also collaborates with the other schools of public health in Texas and the Texas Department of Public Health in the Texas Public Health Training Center.

Center for Health Services Research


G. M. Fleming Center for Healthcare Management


Institute for Health Policy


Program for Health Care Data Research


Texas Public Health Training Center



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