Office Directory

Office of the Dean
Eric Boerwinkle, PhD Dean 713-500-9041 RAS W-114A
Bonnie Schoenbein Senior Executive Administrator 713-500-9041 RAS W-130J
Camille Breaux Program Manager 713-500-9914 RAS W-130G
Academic and Research Affairs
Susan Emery, PhD Senior Associate Dean 713-500-9091 RAS W-118A
Deidra Haass Senior Executive Assistant 713-500-9079 RAS W-130I
Office of Management
Cindy Bihm Associate Dean ad interim 713-500-9046 RAS W-114B
Assistant Dean of Students
Mary Ann Smith, PhD Assistant Dean 713-500-9236 RAS E-214
Academic Affairs and Student Services
Elvis Parada Assistant Director, Admissions and Student Services 713-500-9028 RAS E-219
Rachel Atterstrom Supervisor, Creative Services 713-500-9040 RAS E-217
Wendi Hawthorne, MS Media Relations Manager (press inquiries only) 713-500-3307 UCT 1880
Public Health Practice and Engagement
Kimberly Baker, PhD Director, Public Health Practice and Engagement 713-500-9616 RAS W-224
Robert Hammarberg, MPA Assistant Director, Public Health Practice and Engagement 713-500-9031 RAS W-222
Brianna Lewis, MHCA Project Specialist, Public Health Practice and Engagement 713-500-9753 RAS W-232
Laura Rademacher Coordinator, Educational Programs 713-500-9024 RAS W-212
Research Services
Lashawda Martin Assistant Director 713-500-9607 RAS W-234