Guiding statements and goals

Our vision, mission and values are the bedrock of our school.

They direct our strategic planning, shape key performance goals, and serve as reminders for why we continue to seek bold solutions for complex problems in the field of public health.

Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision: Health without boundaries.

We believe that a world in which there are no caveats or conditions on who can have good health is within our reach.

Our mission: Changing the culture of health through excellence in graduate education, research and engagement.

To achieve a world in which health has no boundaries, we must first shift the way people—from the communities around us to the healthcare industry to decision-makers in government—think about, and act on, matters relating to health.

We seek to accomplish our mission by promoting the following values:

  • Collaborate: A charge to seek out new perspectives, to listen as much as we talk, and to build authentic, sustainable relationships.
  • Lead: A pledge to march on the front lines of progress with passion, tenacity, and a strong sense of direction.       
  • Transform: A vow to invest our time, effort and resources in challenging, improving—and when necessary—the complete rebuilding of programs and systems that do not serve us all.
  • Diversify: A commitment to representation, equity, and accountability in our school, the continuum of health, and our communities.
Our goals
  1. Recruit and train high-quality students to contribute to public health in Texas, the United States, and internationally.
  2. Encourage the discovery and dissemination of scientific knowledge in public health
  3. Improve the public’s health through community collaboration, engagement, and service.