Paying for your education

A graduate degree in public health in an investment in your future and a commitment to the idea that a healthier world is both possible and achievable.

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An advanced degree should be a boost, not a barrier

We believe in keeping graduate education accessible by keeping it affordable.

UTHealth School of Public Health is home to some of the best value-for-money public health graduate education programs in the nation and offers a wide range of opportunities to help students obtain a quality education without a heavy financial burden. For more information about tuition rates and fees, visit the Office of the Registrar.

Scholarships and merit-based awards

Our Outstanding New Student Scholarship Program funds incoming students with a strong history of academic performance and can help out-of-state students obtain an in-state tuition rate. Current students are also able to apply for our many endowed scholarships, funded by generous donors who have invested in our School’s mission and vision. For more information about our scholarships, visit the scholarships page.

Need-based support and financial aid

For students seeking needs-based support, The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston can help you navigate and manage financial aid and federal loan processes. All of the required applications and services are available through the online portal and can be reviewed here.

Additional resources

The Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health also offers a guide for prospective public health students when it comes to financing graduate studies.

Student employment

All of our campuses are affiliated with medical schools, medical centers, and other public health organizations, which helps connect our current students and alumni to professional experiences that complement their studies and help pay their tuition. Many of our students also work within the school as graduate assistants, teaching assistants, or graduate research assistants on faculty research.

Student and alumni job opportunities, including assistantships, are posted through Handshake, an exclusive job posting platform that ensures our students are being matched with the right job opportunities. Current students are able to access Handshake only after they have accepted admission to the school and have received their UTHealth email address.

If you are interested in hiring our students or alumni, please see the employers page.

Assistance and resources for disabled students

We are committed to fostering a learning environment that supports the needs of all our students. If you are a student looking for resources or specific accommodations, please contact Dr. Mary Ann Smith, Assistant Dean of Students. For a broad overview of UTHealth's accommodation policies, please visit the UTHealth University Relations and Equal Opportunity website

The Texas Rehabilitation Commission (TRC) also offers assistance with tuition and non-refundable fees.

Transition into your next career 

Many of our campuses partner with nearby military bases, and the experiences and perspectives veterans bring to public health conversations are uniquely valuable when it comes to understanding populations, organizing resources and analyzing complex problems. If you are a veteran and would like to receive Veteran Administration benefits, or you’re an out-of-state Veteran interested in seeing if you qualify for in-state tuition through the Hazlewood Act, the Office of the Registrar can help certify your enrollment.