Dissertation Defense by Lynn N. Ibekwe, MPH: Examining the Influence of Perceived Racial Discrimination, Racial Residential Segregation, and Social Support on Cancer Screening among African Americans: A Multilevel Analysis of 2-1-1 Texas Callers

When & Where

April 8
9:30 AM - 11:00 AM
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Event Description

Dissertation Defense by Lynn N. Ibekwe, MPH | PhD Candidate | Committee Members: Maria E. Fernandez-Esquer, PhD (Academic Advisor and Committee Chair); Maria E. Fernandez, PhD (Dissertation Supervisor, NCI Fellowship Advisor, and Graduate Certificate Advisor); Nalini Ranjit, PhD (Minor and Breadth Advisor); Sandi Pruitt, PhD (Committee Member); Kimberly Baker, DrPH (External Reviewer) | Presentation will be held via WebEx

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