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CHoosing And Maintaining Effective Programs for Sex Education in Schools

Prioritize Step

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The Prioritize Step involves raising awareness about teen pregnancy and evidence-based programs (EBPs) to prevent teen pregnancy in the school district. The Prioritize process also includes: creating a School Health Advisory Council (SHAC), if needed; mobilizing an existing SHAC and other stakeholders to recognize that sexual health education is a priority; and educating SHAC members and other stakeholders about EBPs. A district has completed this step when their SHAC has created and signed a SHAC Resolution Statement.


Prioritize Tools: 

Step Overview

Prioritizing Sexual Health for Your District

Success Stories

Success in Prioritize

Facts & Tips

School Health Advisory Councils 101

Creating a SHAC

Improving SHAC Performance

Intro to Evidence-Based Programs

Helpful Links

SHAC Resources


SHAC Resolution Statement