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CHoosing And Maintaining Effective Programs for Sex Education in Schools

Success in Prioritize

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Science & Health Curriculum Coordinator / SHAC Facilitator
Huffman ISD (Texas)
Length: 5 min 12 sec

  • SHAC development and establishing goals in sexual health education @ 00:08
  • The importance of gathering facts in raising awareness about adolescent sexual health @ 00:42
  • Advice for others who may be new to leading and establishing SHACs @ 02:06


High School Principal
Houston ISD (Texas)
Length: 1 min 34 sec

  • The value of evidence-based programs when prioritizing adolescent sexual health @ 00:08


Health Services Director
Edgewood ISD (Texas)
Length: 1 min 52 sec

  • The value of key players and partnerships in raising awareness and support for adolescent sexual health @ 00:08


Director of Health Services / SHAC Member
Midland ISD (Texas)
Length: 5 min 45 sec

  • Why the school district chose to prioritize sexual health and strategies used, such as conducting parent surveys @ 00:08
  • Framing the issue to get the community on board with prioritizing sexual health @ 04:03


Board of Education Trustee
Houston ISD (Texas)
Length: 6 min 30 sec

  • How the SHAC and school district work to keep adolescent sexual health on the agenda @ 00:08
  • Key players in the SHAC and school district who help make sexual health a priority @ 03:03
  • Advice for others on selecting a champion and addressing controversial issues @ 05:06


Program Manager for the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program
City of San Antonio, Texas
Length: 5 min 12 sec

  • The city health department’s role in helping school districts make sexual health a priority @ 00:08
  • How the CHAMPSS model helps in the adoption, implementation, and maintenance of EBPs @ 01:30
  • The process for conducting parent surveys @ 02:16
  • The involvement of district leaders as key players in making sexual health a priority @ 03:19
  • Strategies and advice for avoiding challenges and building support for sexual health @ 04:02

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