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CHoosing And Maintaining Effective Programs for Sex Education in Schools

SHAC Resolution Statement

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What is the SHAC Resolution?

The SHAC Resolution is a formal statement of the views and wishes of your School Health Advisory Council about sexual health education. It recognizes teen pregnancy as a critical issue impacting students and outlines actions to support the improvement of sexual health education in your school district. The Resolution can empower and unite SHAC members, focus resources and attention on achievable milestones, provide a rallying point for others, and publicly declare an intention to act.

The SHAC resolution should not be confused with the resolution required under the Texas Education Code, in which the board of trustees convenes the local school health advisory council for the purpose of making recommendations regarding the curriculum materials for human sexuality instruction or instruction on the prevention of child abuse, family violence, dating violence, and sex trafficking. A draft resolution may be found in the Texas Association of School Board’s Regulations Resource Manual.

Who should complete it?

The Resolution Statement may be completed by the SHAC together or by designated members. All SHAC members should review the final statement and sign their names, indicating their support for the resolution.

What information is needed?

Fill in the blanks with your district information and local data, where available. Refer to the Helpful Links: Data Sources and the ASSESS Step of iCHAMPSS for guidance and resources when gathering data. You may also add or remove statements based on discussions with your SHAC. Finally, include a potential timeline for taking action. Be conservative in estimating how long it may take to complete each action—the process often takes longer than expected.

Note: This resolution statement supports using evidence-based sexual health education for students. For more information on evidence-based programs (EBPs) and why they are the most effective options, visit the iCHAMPSS Introduction to Evidence-Based Programs Facts & Tips Sheet and the SELECT Step of iCHAMPSS.

How can it be used?

Once your SHAC members have signed their names, a copy should be included in the official SHAC meeting minutes. You may also find it helpful to include the resolution statement on your school’s website or communicate this statement to school board members in the SHAC’s annual report.

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