Blog: Why does All for Them offer vaccination clinics in schools?

Published: March 20, 2024

A student receives a vaccine during an All for Them clinic.

Life can get in the way of things both big and small. All for Them, a vaccination project run by UTHealth Houston School of Public Health, is dedicated to not letting vaccinations slip through the cracks.

With busy work schedules, errands to run, and a myriad of activities to get their children to, parents and guardians may struggle to find the time to make a special trip to the doctor’s office for their child’s vaccines. That is why All for Them works with school districts and health care providers to organize free vaccination clinics for eligible students at over 60 schools each year.

These vaccination clinics are an effective way to ensure that immunizations reach the students who need them the most. School-based vaccination programs — especially when paired with educational marketing campaigns ,such as the one All for Them developed — improve immunization rates among youths who need a medical safety net. These students may have significant barriers to getting the vaccines, such as not having a family doctor or being uninsured or underinsured.

Before an All for Them vaccination clinic, students receive a consent packet to take home that contains registration forms, information about the vaccines they can receive (Tdap, HPV, meningococcal, and all childhood and adolescent vaccines), and more. If parents do not get the consent packet for the vaccination clinic from their child, they can download the registration forms from the All for Them website, if available, or ask the school nurse for an additional consent packet. Bilingual All for Them staff members are available to answer any questions parents might have about filling out the registration forms at 866-255-1811.

When parents complete, sign, and return their child’s consent forms in to the school nurse by the deadline, they do not have to attend the vaccination clinic. Instead of scheduling time off from work — and pulling their children from school — to get vaccinated, parents can continue their day as planned, knowing that their children are getting all the vaccines they need without having to miss much class time. However, parents are more than welcome to come to the clinic if they want.

During an All for Them vaccination clinic, our team works closely with professionals from the health care provider organization and the campus staff to set everything up for the clinic first thing in the morning. The students registered to participate in the clinic remain in their class until they are called to the clinic for their vaccines. This means that they do not have to lose valuable instructional time while they are protecting their health.

Throughout the year, All for Them also offers vaccination clinics beyond the regular clinics held at individual schools. These community clinics are often held at a central location and are open to all eligible students from multiple campuses. All for Them schedules these clinics for maximum convenience, such as during breaks from school or weekends, giving parents a chance to get their kids caught up on vaccines they may be missing. This approach is especially beneficial for parents who prefer to be present when their children receive immunizations. These clinics are open to students at participating middle and high schools in the district — plus their siblings.

For community clinics, parents must call All for Them at 866-255-1811 to make an appointment. While walk-ins are welcome, spots are limited and cannot be guaranteed if the clinic is at capacity. The best way to ensure that children can get the vaccines they need is to make an appointment as soon as possible.

Are you interested in bringing vaccination clinics to your school or community? Reach out to the team at [email protected] to learn more about All for Them’s dissemination project!

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