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The Center for Health Promotion and Prevention Research

Reaching Medicaid and Vulnerable Families through a Community Health Worker Outreach, Health Navigation, and Health Education Integrative Model

Hispanic immigrant health disparities are amongst the highest in the nation, especially related to obesity and access to health services. Healthy Fit (En Forma Saludable) is a health promotion program that leverages public health department infrastructure to address these disparities through the use of three key innovations: community health workers, motivational interviewing, and vouchers for free preventative health services. Community health workers trained in motivational interviewing conduct a health screening and then distribute preventive service vouchers and health resources as needed based on screening results. Resources support cancer screenings, vaccinations, a healthy diet, and exercise. Motivational interviewing is used to address perceived barriers and strengthen intrinsic motivation to make use of the health resources.


Dr. Louis Brown, Principal Investigator