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The Center for Health Promotion and Prevention Research

Evaluation of Texas Association of Community Health Centers Initiative for Trauma Informed Care

This project is an evaluation of the Texas Association of Community Health Centers initiative to implement a trauma informed care approach in community health centers. Trauma informed care is a collection of approaches that calls for a change in organizational culture, where an emphasis is placed on understanding, respecting and appropriately responding to individual well being and the effects of traumas at all levels. In particular, it seeks to actively reduce re-traumatization among individuals who have had traumatic experience. The trauma informed care program begins with training of trainers in each health center and these trainers subsequently select and train their champions to disseminate the trauma informed care approach at each health center. The purpose of this project is to understand whether the trauma informed care program is effective in improving patient and employee health outcomes in participating community health centers based on various data sources. The project also aims to assess the fidelity of program implementation in participating health centers by using both quantitative and qualitative evaluation methods.


Paula Cuccaro, PhD (Principle Investigator)

Efrat Gabay, MPH

Jenn Choi