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The UTHealth Houston School of Public Health offers a comprehensive online repository, the "Academic-Practice Collaboration Hub," where students and faculty can access a wealth of information and resources related to the school's academic health department relationships and its dynamic collaborations with practice-based entities. This valuable resource serves as a central hub for bridging theory with real-world applications in public health.


Academic Public Health Partnership - Texas Department of State Health Services

Academic Public Health Partnership - Texas Department of State Health Services

Launched in 2022, the Academic Public Health Partnership is actively advancing the partnership between the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) and UTHealth Houston School of Public Health. This collaboration is boosting public health education, research, and community service. It benefits students, public health professionals, and health departments by preparing them for local public health challenges, offering ongoing education, and enhancing employment opportunities. The existing relationship between DSHS and UTHealth Houston School of Public Health is growing through this initiative. The APHP's goal is to identify and strengthen existing collaborative efforts and cultivate innovative approaches to support Texas's current and future public health workforce. It actively fosters collaboration in areas such as educational programs, research, workforce development, and public health practice, contributing to an improved response to Texas' public health needs.

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Academic Health Department - Dallas County Health and Human Services

Academic Health Department - Dallas County Health and Human Services

In 2022, UTHealth Houston School of Public Health solidified an Academic Health Department with Dallas County Health and Human Services (DCHHS). This collaboration offers enhanced educational opportunities, streamlined pathways to employment, improved professional development for public health workers, and increased efficiency in public health research and delivery. It builds upon a long-standing collaboration and introduces innovative elements to foster greater access to expertise, technology, and research sharing, aiming to boost efficiency in education and career opportunities for both partners and their communities. Through the Academic Health Department, a practicum-to-employment pipeline is developing, ensuring students and graduates have access to professional opportunities while providing DCHHS with a skilled workforce. These ongoing activities represent a dynamic partnership geared towards advancing public health in Texas.

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Robert W. Hammarberg

Robert W. Hammarberg, DrPH

Faculty Associate

Dr. Hammarberg serves as a Faculty Associate with the Department of Management, Policy, and Community Health, and also serves as the Assistant Director of Public Health Practice and Engagement. Their interests include public health management, government policy, and urban health. They establish partnerships with diverse organizations to support public health education. Additionally, they hold a Partner Management role in the GET PHIT project, aiming to diversify the field of public health informatics.

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Courtney Dezendorf

Courtney Dezendorf, M.Ed.

DSHS APHP Coordinating Committee & Director, Office of Practice & Learning (DSHS)
Austin Campus

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Kim Baker

Kim Baker, DrPH

DSHS APHP Coordinating Committee & Assistant Dean of Practice (UTHealth Houston School of Public Health)
Houston Campus

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Dr. Baker's work centers on employing community-based research methods and practice-informed strategies to enhance health service delivery. Their areas of interest encompass reproductive and sexual health, health disparity elimination, and examining the impact of racism, particularly on reproductive health.

Katy Womble

Katy Womble, JD

DCHHS AHD Coordinating Committee & Deputy Director for Program Operations (DCHHS)
Dallas Campus

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Kevin Rix

Kevin Rix, PhD

DCHHS AHD Coordinating Committee & Assistant Professor (UTHealth Houston School of Public Health)
Dallas Campus

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Dr. Kevin Rix is an Assistant Professor in Dallas in Health Promotion and Behavioral Science. He holds a joint faculty position in the Department of Pediatrics at McGovern Medical School. His research interests focus on injury and violence prevention, implementation science of injury, and violence prevention programming.

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Have Questions or Want Additional Information?

If you have questions or would like additional information regarding any of the academic health department relationships established with UTHealth Houston School of Public Health, please get in touch with Dr. Robert Hammarberg (Robert.Hammarberg@uth.tmc.edu).

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Dallas County Health and Human Services - Academic Health Department

Students Interested in Positions with DCHHS

As part of the DCHHS AHD partnership, we can promote our students directly to the hiring team when any UTHealth Houston School of Public Health student applies for a DCHHS position through our Handshake platform. New positions are posted regularly! If you're interested in a position with DCHHS or are considering moving to the DFW area and looking for a job, please follow the link through Handshake to let us know your plan to apply. After submitting your application please fill out the Google Form linked in the Projects section, so we can have some information about you, to help us promote you.

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Opportunity for Students to Observe the Grant Writing Process

Students are welcome to attend and participate in meetings with representatives from DCHHS and UTHealth Houston School of Public Health as they prepare a joint award application for a federal-level safer streets initiative grant.

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UTHealth Houston is internationally recognized as one of the world's great research universities. The School of Public Health connects research, education, patient care, and community outreach in bold, innovative ways. Basic scientists and clinical researchers from all disciplines work together to deliver innovative solutions that create the best hope for a healthier future. Our faculty are pioneering radical solutions for imminent public health problems and provide the tools and resources that will push our students to think critically and creatively both in and out of the classroom. This is where academic rigor meets real-world application.

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The hub centralizes a diverse array of materials, making it easy for students and faculty to find the latest research, case studies, and best practices in academic health departments. Easily locate data, research publications, and partnership opportunities, fostering collaborative projects with our practice-based partners.

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