Hispanic Health and Aging Lab

Adapting evidence-based interventions to improve clinical outcomes among older Hispanics and their care partners.



The Hispanic Health and Aging Lab uses population-based studies and administrative datasets to examine health disparities among older Hispanics and their care partners. The Lab also identifies evidence-based clinical and behavioral interventions, culturally adapts them, and finds ways to implement them to improve outcomes for older Hispanics and their care partners.


Patient Priorities Care for Hispanics with Dementia

Patient Priorities Care for Hispanics with Dementia

This project seeks to culturally adapt the Patient Priorities Care approach for Hispanics living with dementia. Utilizing quantitative and qualitative approaches, our PPC Lab research members are obtaining feedback on existing Patient Priorities Care materials from Hispanic individuals across the Houston area. Feedback from our Hispanic research participants is being informing the development of Patient Priorities Care flyers, manuals and digital resources.

Link to the pilot study

Patient Priorities Care - Indiana

Patient Priorities Care - Indiana

In this pragmatic pilot project, we work with Dr. Carnahan at Indiana University to examine the feasibility of implementing the PPC approach in 3 different healthcare systems with patients with MCI and ADRD. The NIA IMPACT Collaboratory also funds this pilot study.

Link to pilot study

Mexican Health and Aging Study (MHAS)

Mexican Health and Aging Study (MHAS)

Our Lab actively works with the Mexican Health and Aging Study (MHAS). MHAS is the longest ongoing population-based study of aging in Latin America. MHAS is part of the Health and Retirement Study (HRS) family of longitudinal aging studies. MHAS started collecting data in 2001 and is funded to collect 3 additional waves fo data over the next 5 years.

MHAS study

Impact Collaboratory Health Equity Team

Impact Collaboratory Health Equity Team

We actively participate in the IMPACT Collaboratory with a special focus on increasing Health Equity in pragmatic trials related to dementia.

IMPACT Collaboratory HET

Alzheimer's disease in older Mexican adults

Alzheimer's disease in older Mexican adults

We collaborate with Dr. Downer at UTMB on an R01 entitled "The influence of social and cultural context on life course pathways for Alzheimer’s disease, related dementias, and care resources for older Mexican adults."

Link to R01


Rafael Samper-Ternent

Rafael Samper-Ternent, PhD, MD

Associate Professor and Associate Director for the Consortium on Aging

Dr. Samper-Ternent is a Clinician Scientist with more than a decade of research and clinical experience. His research focuses on understanding factors that lead to health disparities among older Hispanics and their family caregivers, especially those with multimorbidity and ADRD. Dr. Samper-Ternent aims to produce evidence that informs intervention development and implementation to improve the well-being of Hispanic older adults and their family caregivers. He also leads the Research and Clinical Innovation Core in the Institute on Aging at UTHealth Houston.

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Mei Robson

Mei Robson, MPH (c)

Graduate Research Assistant

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Mei Robson is a graduate assistant currently pursuing an MPH degree. With an interest for public health affecting Hispanic populations, she contributes to Dr. Samper-Ternent's research, assisting with data analysis and administrative tasks. She looks forward to applying her skills to address pressing health challenges in Hispanic communities.

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