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We implement transdisciplinary approaches to the study of health outcomes and policy. Through behavioral experiment and the integration of multimodal data recorded via eye-tracking, facial expression analysis, and biomedical sensors, we approach pressing health issues with a holistic approach to account for key factors that shape decision making.



Abdelaziz Alsharawy

Abdelaziz Alsharawy, PhD

Assistant Professor

Abdelaziz Alsharawy, PhD is an Assistant Professor of Health Economics in the Department of Management, Policy, and Community Health at UTHealth Houston School of Public Health. He specializes in behavioral economics, neuroeconomics, and health economics. Abdelaziz studies how people make decisions, and his research primarily focuses on health outcomes and policy. In particular, his research program aims to examine the underpinnings of perception, preferences, and decision-making in contextualized environments that often induce strong emotional responses.

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