Deterministic and Stochastic Models of AIDS Epidemics and HIV Infections with Intervention

Deterministic and Stochastic Models of AIDS Epidemics and HIV Infections with Intervention

By Wai-Yuan Tan and Hulin Wu



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PART I: AIDS Epidemic Models

Chapter 1: Mathematical Models for HIV Transmission among Injecting Drug Users
----V. Capasso and D. Morale

Chapter 2: Estimation of HIV Infection and Seroconversion Probabilities in IDU and Non-IDU Populations by State Space Models
----Wai-Yuan Tan, Li-Jun Zhang, and Lih-Yuan Deng

Chapter 3: Convergence to an Endemic Stationary Distribution in a Class of Stochastic Models of HIV/AIDS in Homosexual Populations
---Charles J. Mode

Chapter 4: A Class of Methods for HIV Contact Tracing in Cuba: Implications for Intervention and Treatment
----Ying-Hen Hsieh, Hector de Arazoza, Rachid Lounes and Jose Joanes

PART II: HIV Vaccine Models

Chapter 5: Simultaneous Inferences of HIV Vaccine Effects on Viral Load, CD4 Cell Counts, and Antiretroviral Therapy Initiation in Phase 3 Trials
----Peter B. Gilbert and Yanqing Sun

Chapter 6: A Review of Mathematical Models for HIV/AIDS Vaccination
----Shu-Fang Hsu Schmitz

Chapter 7: Effects of AIDS Vaccine on Sub-populations of CD4 T Cells, CD8 T Cells and B Cells Under HIV Infection
----Wai-Yuan Tan, Ping Zhang and Xiaoping Xiong

PART III: Models for HIV/Cell Dynamics and Interactions

Chapter 8: Dynamical Models for the Course of an HIV Infection
----Christel Kamp

Chapter 9: How Fast can HIV Escape from Immune Control?
----W. David Wick and Steven G. Self

Chapter 10: CTL Action during HIV-1 Is Determined via Interactions with Several Cell Types
----Seema H. Bajaria and Denise E. Kirschner

Chapter 11: Identifiability of HIV/AIDS Models
----Annah M. Jeffrey and Xiaohua Xia

PART IV: Viral Dynamics Under Antiviral Treatments

Chapter 12: Influence of Drug Pharmacokinetics on HIV Pathogenesis and Therapy
----Narendra M. Dixit and Alan S. Perelson

Chapter 13: A Model of HIV-1 Treatment: The Latently Infected CD4+ T Cells Becomes Undetectable
----Karen O'Hara

Chapter 14: A State Space Model for HIV Pathogenesis Under Anti-Viral Drugs and Applications
----Wai-Yuan Tan, Ping Zhang and Xiaoping Xiong

Chapter 15: Bayesian Estimation of Individual Parameters in an HIV Dynamic Model Using Long-Term Viral Load Data
----Yangxin Huang and Hulin Wu

Chapter 16: Within-Host Dynamics and Treatment of HIV-1 Infection: Unanswered Questions and Challenges for Computational Biologists
----John Mittler

PART V: Modeling Drug Resistance

Chapter 17: Treatment Interruptions and Resistance: A Review
----Jane M Heffernan and Lindi M Wahl

Chapter 18: A Branching Process Model of Drug Resistant HIV
----H. Zhou and K.S. Dorman

Chapter 19: A Bayesian Approach for Assessing Drug Resistance in HIV Infection Using Viral Load
----Hua Liang, Wai-Yuan Tan and Xiaoping Xiong

PART VI: Statistical Methods

Chapter 20: Estimating HIV Incidence from a Cross-Sectional Survey with the Less Sensitive Assay
----Robert H. Byers, Jr., Dale J. Hu, Robert Janssen

Chapter 21: Design of Population Studies of HIV Dynamics
----Cong Han and Kathryn Chaloner

Chapter 22: Statistical Methods for Estimation and Inference of Parameters in Ordinary Differential Equations Models
----Sarah E. Holte

Chapter 23: A Bayesian Monte Carlo Integration Strategy for Connecting Stochastic Models of HIV/AIDS with Data
----Charles J. Mode