Dissertation Proposal Defense by Sierra Castedo de Martell, MPH: The substance use disorder peer workforce in Texas and the United States: Assessing and addressing the workforce development and economic evaluation gaps.

When & Where

July 9
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
1616 Guadalupe Street, 6.354, Austin, TX 78701 and by WebEx (View in Google Map)


Event Description

Dissertation proposal defense by Sierra Castedo de Martell, MPH | PhD Candidate | Committee members: H. Shelton Brown, III, PhD (chair/academic advisor); Sheryl McCurdy, PhD (supervisor); Nalini Ranjit, PhD; J. Michael Wilkerson, PhD; Lori Holleran Steiker, PhD; John Kelly, PhD (external reviewer) | Presentation will be held in-person in Austin and via WebEx. Public presentation 9am - 10am.

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