Alumni Feature: Madison Wisdom, MPH

From the Desk Alumni Feature

Alumni Feature: Madison Wisdom, MPH
Alumni Feature: Madison Wisdom, MPH

The SPH Career and Alumni Services is featuring alumni in the series called “From the Desks of SPH Alumni!” Alumni are invited to share 3 items, ideas, or elements that define their workspace and daily life as a public health professional.

Featuring: Madison Wisdom, MPH. 

Degree Received from UTHealth School of Public Health: MPH in Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences with a graduate certificate in Healthcare Administration

Current Position: Strategy and Operations Analyst at Texas DSHS in Austin, Texas

From the Desk:

Item 1: Big white coffee mug

My dad passed away unexpectedly in 2016. After his death, I thought deeply about the factors that led to it which motivated me to pursue a degree in public health. My dad loved morning coffee time and always used a big white coffee mug. Today, you will find that same mug full of coffee on my desk. A memory to him and a reminder of why I do what I do.

Item 2: Creating Your Strategic Plan for Public and Nonprofit Organizations Workbook

This workbook helps guide public and nonprofit organizations in the creation and implementation of their strategic plan. It is a very handy book that gives a solid foundation and advice on the strategic planning process. Texas state agencies are mandated to publish a strategic plan that pushes our future vision forward and achieve our long-term goals. I help lead the strategic planning process at DSHS so I definitely utilize this workbook when needed!

Item 3: ReMarkable Tablet

As an avid and meticulous notetaker, I'm obsessed with my ReMarkable which is an e-ink tablet that is used for writing, drawing, or brainstorming. I take it everywhere with me and it helps keep me organized, thoughtful, and prepared for whatever tasks I have for the day! I promise I'm not getting kickbacks to help promote the product. I just love it! Connect with Madison on LinkedIn!

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