Reddy to Analyze the Next Wave of Women's Health

MS graduate on the importance of biostatistics and women's health

Reddy to Analyze the Next Wave of Women's Health
Photo of Priya Reddy, MS, MBBS
Priya Reddy, MS, MBBS

The odds of graduating have been certain for Master of Science (MS) student Priya Reddy, MBBS, in the Department of Biostatistics and Data Science. For Reddy, Biostatistics has provided the necessary skillsets to improve public health with the support of big data in an evolving field. As she prepares to walk the stage in May 2024, Reddy looks back on her training at UTHealth Houston School of Public Health to continue her path in this multifaceted field that combined her interests in data and healthcare. 

"What drew me the most is the interdisciplinary nature of Biostatistics. Its applications are so far-reaching and varied," said Reddy. "It is my belief that data-driven research can contribute infinitely at the population health level." 

As an MS graduate, Reddy is positioned to develop, analyze, and revolutionize public health through a biostatistics lens. This aspect of public health allows students to interweave the social and statistical nature of population health to create a more equitable future.  

Reddy's early interest in public health stemmed from her training and education as a medical student with an interest in women's health. Reddy completed her Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) in Hyderabad, India, where she understood the individual-level impacts the health system creates for the population.  

To continue her interest in women's health, she studied the mental health of women suffering from long COVID-19 to bridge the gap in health services. "Studying mental health in women is crucial due to the gender-specific disparities that are prevalent in the modern world," she said. "Studying how symptoms present, and the social aspects of these conditions can help inform better interventions to address the unique struggles women may face." 

Reddy has served on the Biostatistics Student Association for two years and led as vice president from 2023-2024. Her last year at the School of Public Health proved memorable with the aid of her classmates and her mentor's leadership. "I'm so grateful for her motivation and support, and I couldn't have completed my degree without her!" 
For future MS students wanting to be at the forefront of data analytics and healthcare, Reddy emphasizes the need for a diverse perspective.

"The most obvious is having a strong statistical background but also making sure to understand other public health principles and how they tie into statistics," Reddy stated. "Find a mentor who pushes you but also champions you." 

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