How do I sign up to join Texas CARES? 

To participate in Texas CARES, you will need to: 

  1. Complete the consent form and initial survey, available here: https://go.uth.edu/txcares
  2. Choose a clinical pathology lab site where you will go to have your blood drawn for your 3 antibody tests. To find a CPL site convenient to you, visit https://www.cpllabs.com/locations/. Once on the CPL webpage, scroll all the way down to the bottom to enter your zip code. Please be sure to bring your ID to your CPL visits.
  3. While at your first antibody test (T1) appointment, your attending clinician at the CPL may verify that you completed the initial consent form and survey. Please note that appointments are walk-in, but you may want to call ahead as CPL clinic open hours are subject to change due to COVID-related restrictions.
  4. Mark your calendar for a reminder for your next antibody test as you leave the clinic. The survey team will send reminder texts for T2 and T3 survey links.
  5. For T2 and T3, you will also be asked to complete an additional survey.

The results of your antibody test will be texted to you after each CPL visit. Your test results and survey responses are protected by HIPAA regulations, just like your health records. Individual results will not be shared with your employer, professional organizations or any other stakeholders. 

For more information, you can review a list of our most frequently asked questions

For questions, please contact the Texas CARES team at TexasCARES@uth.tmc.edu or 713-500-9441.