Center for Health Equity

Our Mission: Health for All

The mission of the Center for Health Equity is to build core population health and health equity research infrastructure at UTHealth Houston, including systems of data capture, curation, management and interoperability. The Center for Health Equity will provide expertise in care coordination for social determinants of health such as implementation and evaluation of related programs and services. Moreover, we strive to be leaders in the education of the next generation of public health researchers and practitioners, while being at the forefront of health equity and health disparities research.

"Health equity means that everyone has a fair and just opportunity to be as healthy as possible."

- Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Our Goals

Cultivate an interdisciplinary team of diverse and inclusive faculty with a focus on population health and health equity improvement. Provide opportunities and training and workforce capacity development in these areas.

Strengthen regional core population health and health equity infrastructure including systems of community engagement, data capture, curation, management and interoperability.

Conduct research that spans the continuum of care to improve our understanding of disease and health disparities, including the behavioral, environmental,social, economic, and health literacy factors related to the prevention and control of chronic disease across the lifespan.

Resource research projects tailored to address population health and health equity priorities.

Strengthen research capabilities to accelerate adoption, implementation, and sustainment of evidence-based health and social services screenings, practices and policies across healthcare and community-based organizations.

Ensure equitable outcomes for patients and community members by guaranteeing that all of their individual physical, behavioral, and social needs are met.

Become a community resource and hub for program framework, implementation, evaluation and policy activities to improve population health outcomes across Texas.

Provide health communications infrastructure to communicate and disseminate population health discoveries seamlessly.

The Center for Health Equity Framework

Layer of Engagement icon

Layer of Engagement

Community Voice
Neighborhood Programs
Community Services

Layer of Intelligence icon

Layer of Intelligence

Innovative Data Analysis
Dynamic Insights
Customizable Actions

Layer of Infrastructure icon

Layer of Infrastructure

Collective Impact Efforts
Streamlined Data Management
Capacity Building Focus

Center for health equity-cycle

The Equity Cycle includes the following four elements:

One: Ask the right questions, identify disparities

Two: change and implement policies, laws, systems, environments, and practices,

Three: evaluate and monitor efforts using short and long term measures

Four: reassess strategies in light of process and outcomes and plan next steps.

At this time, revert back to element one.

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