Center for Health Equity

Center for Health Equity Mission

     We see a world populated by healthy people across flourishing communities

Our Framework

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Center for Health Equity Values

     Human Centered Design

Human-centered design is a problem-solving approach that places the needs and experiences of our community and stakeholders at the core of our research design process. By actively listening to their needs, challenges, and aspirations, we can gain valuable insights to inform our programs, services, and interventions. This empathy-driven approach ensures that the Center for Health Equity’s efforts are tailored to the specific circumstances and requirements of the people we serve. We strive to understand the perspectives, behaviors, and motivations of our stakeholders in order to develop solutions that meet their needs effectively.


Innovation Through Collaboration

We define innovation as generating new research, data, approaches and solutions, or connecting existing ones, all through collaboration and partnership to improve equitable health outcomes. Our collaborative efforts provide an opportunity to pool resources, skills, and knowledge. By working together, we can tackle challenges more comprehensively and effectively, analyze problems from various angles, identify potential barriers or gaps, and co-create solutions. This transdisciplinary approach generates a robust and sustainable body of work. By tapping into a diverse pool of knowledge and skills, we can foster innovation and creativity in developing breakthrough solutions to complex health challenges.



Transparency builds trust and credibility among stakeholders. By openly sharing our governance practices, conflicts of interest, and decision-making procedures, we will uphold ethical standards. We will seek feedback, and involve stakeholders in governance and decision-making processes, thus ensuring that our research and initiatives align with the needs and aspirations of the communities it serves. This inclusive approach will foster shared ownership and collaborative relationships essential for sustainable and impactful health solutions.



We exist to serve our community to achieve health equity. We will advocate for the rights and well-being of vulnerable populations by addressing systemic issues, health disparities, and inequities that impact us. We will facilitate open dialogue about topics that are important to the health and wellbeing of our stakeholders. We will generate evidence and raise awareness for health equity-related policy reforms, contribute to destigmatizing social needs and health conditions, drive efforts towards a more equitable and just health systems, and strive to bring about meaningful social change.



Impact represents our commitment to making a positive and measurable difference in the lives of individuals and communities. We prioritize impact using rigorous research so we can achieve tangible and meaningful outcomes in the field of health. We generate, disseminate, and use evidence-based practices, measure and report our progress, pursue scalability and sustainability, drive systems change, and prioritize the well-being of all stakeholders.

"Health equity means that everyone has a fair and just opportunity to be as healthy as possible."

- Robert Wood Johnson Foundation


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