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CHoosing And Maintaining Effective Programs for Sex Education in Schools

EBP Selection Guide

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What is the purpose of this tool?

The new Health Education Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) should be implemented in the 2022-23 school year. The Health Education TEKS cover a wide variety of content, including strands on topics such as injury and violence prevention, nutrition, and other general health topics. While district may wish to use an evidence-based program to cover sexual and reproductive Health TEKS, the instructional materials listed here cover Health Education TEKS across all strands.


In adopting instructional materials for Health Education, school districts have several options:

  1. Districts may adopt textbooks approved by the State Board of Education or Commissioner of Education. Benefits to selecting an SBOE-approved textbook include ease of ordering through the Educational Materials System (EMAT) and free access to materials accessible for students with disabilities (braille, large print, etc.).
  2. Districts may adopt textbooks that have not been approved by the SBOE. Districts may use their Technology and Instructional Materials Allotment to purchase instructional materials whether or not they have been approved by the SBOE. If a district wishes to adopt materials not on the state-adopted list, they must ensure that items are suitable for the subject and grade level for which the curriculum materials are intended, reviewed by academic experts in the subject and grade level for which the curriculum materials are intended, and otherwise comply with state law, including requirements in TEX 28.004 that sex education materials stress abstinence. Components around sex education and prevention of child abuse, family violence, dating violence and sex trafficking should be separate from other health topics in order to comply with statute around parent opt-in.
  3. Districts may develop their own curriculum. Particularly at the elementary level, many districts may choose to compile resources and activities to meet Health Education TEKS. The same requirements apply as in item 2.


The SBOE adopted items from only one publisher to meet updated Health Education TEKS, with instructional materials at the middle and high school level: Goodheart - Wilcox. The SBOE did not adopt any instructional materials for Health Education at the elementary level.

Who should receive this tool?

The guide may be printed and distributed to stakeholders who will be reviewing and selecting evidence-based programs for your district. This may include:

  • District wellness coordinators
  • Curriculum coordinators
  • SHAC members

How can this tool be used?

Stakeholders can use this tool to locate Health Education instructional materials. In addition to these textbooks, districts may wish to also select a standalone evidence-based program for sexual health education.

Publisher Instructional Material Grades TEKS Percent SBOE Approved?
Goodheart - Wilcox Texas Health Skills 6, 7-8, Health I, Health II 100% Yes
McGraw Hill Texas Glencoe Health 2022 6-8, 9-12 100% No (not submitted)
QuaverEd QuaverHealth K-5 100% No
Human Kinetics Live Well Middle School Health 6, 7-8 82 - 86% No
Lessonbee Lessonbee  7-8 57% No