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The Center for Health Promotion and Prevention Research

Published: October 7, 2020

CHPPR investigators recently received over $2.6 million in federal funding for four new research studies to enhance sexual and reproductive health among diverse youth populations: Me & You Tooa sexual health education program for racial/ethnic minority 6th graders living in high teen birth rate areas in Harris County, funded by the USDHHS Administration for Children and Families (Markham, PI; Peskin, Co-PI, Shegog & Hernandez, Co-Is; Department of Defense-funded Building a Better Workplace: A Sexual Harassment and Assault Prevention Program for Active Duty Service Members (Hernandez, PI, Peskin, Shegog, Markham, Co-Is); and two USDHHS Office of Population Health-funded studies to analyze data collected from previous adolescent sexual health intervention studies (It's Your Game...Keep it Real!, All About Youthand It's Your Game...Tech). The first study, to be conducted with colleagues at UTMB (Temple, PI; Markham, UTSPH PI, Peskin, Shegog, Co-Is), will study the intersection of unintended pregnancy, physical and sexual teen dating violence as a mediator of poor sexual health outcomes. The second study, to be conducted with colleagues at University of S. California and ETR Associates (Clark, PI; Markham, UTSPH PI, Peskin, Shegog, Co-Is) will examine context, setting, and youth characteristics related to teen pregnancy prevention. Collectively, these studies will make significant contributions to the fields of teen pregnancy and dating violence prevention.