Center for Health Promotion and Prevention Research


Paul G. Yeh, MD, MPH

Photo of Paul G. Yeh, MD, MPH

NCI Postdoctoral Fellow


Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences


Dr. Yeh's research interests are driven by the utilization of preventive medicine precepts to juxtaposition health behavior promotion, particularly in the form of physical activity and dietary behavior, as a mechanism for primary and tertiary noncommunicable disease and cancer prevention for Latinx communities. Currently, he is involved with a community wide campaign in the Rio Grande Valley which disseminates and implements culturally relevant, evidence-based health behavior promotion interventions to the underserved community to enhance communities’ health trajectories and ultimately combat socioeconomic- and race-based health inequities. He also has acquired experience with community collaborative action to unite interdisciplinary stakeholders toward health equity goals to create sustainable health trajectory benefits for minority communities. Built environment asset mapping and access to and treatment outcomes of primary care visits incorporate additional domains of research interest. 


Email: Paul.Yeh.1@uth.tmc.edu