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The Center for Health Promotion and Prevention Research

Recent Publications

Hookah Use as a Predictor of Other Tobacco Product Use: A Longitudinal Analysis of Texas College Students

(Case KR, Creamer MR, Cooper M, Loukas A, Perry CL; Addictive Behaviors; 2018)

Mobile phone text messaging for tobacco risk communication among young adult community college students: Protocol and baseline overview for a randomized trial

(Prokhorov AV, Khalil GE, Calabro KS, Machado TC, Russell SC, Czerniak KW, Botello GC, Chen M, Perez A, Vidrine DJ, Perry CL; JMIR Res Protoc; 2018

Exposure to E-cigarette marketing and product use among Mexican American young adults on the United States-Mexico border

(Herrera, A. L., Wilkinson, A. V., Cohn, E. A., Perry, C. L., Fisher-Hoch, S. P.; Cogent Medicine; 2018)

Youth or young adults: Which group is at highest risk for tobacco use onset?

(Perry CL, Pérez A, Bluestein M, Garza N, Obinwa U, Jackson C, Clendennen SL, Loukas A, Harrell MB; J Adolesc Health ;2018)

Exploring physical activity engagement in secondary school students in Montevideo, Uruguay: A qualitative study

(Parobii, I, Springer, AE, Harrell, MB, Gomensoro, LM, Fresco, MT, Alers, N, Perry, CL, & Estol, D; Int J Child Adolesc health; 2018)