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The Center for Health Promotion and Prevention Research

We Can Do More Houston: Disseminating Proven Strategies to Reduce Teen Pregnancy through Improved Contraception Access

The We Can Do More (WCDM) initiative is a multi-component strategy that comprises multiple interventions in concert with multiple partners and key Stakeholders to address adolescent sexual health in target communities. The main goal of WCDM is to increase youth access to effective contraception and positive reproductive health outcomes.

WCDM includes the following four components:

  1.  The schools Doing More component will provide students with effective sexual health education and referral services. We will train teachers to implement 2 comprehensive curricula, It's Your game...Keep It Real (IYG) in middle schools and Your Game, Your Life (YGYL) in high schools. We will also provide professional development for teachers, administrators, and youth-serving professionals working in and around schools.
  2.  The Clinics Doing More component provides youth with access to clinical services, assists with health clinic providers to offer patient education on healthy relationships and contraception counseling, and offers to health clinics staff training and technical support assistance in adolescent sexual health and in the most effective contraception methods including LARC.
  3.  The Churches Doing More component combines family-focused training for parents and youth to increase parent-child communication about pregnancy prevention, namely, contraception, and to empower adults through role play to talk openly and honestly about sex and healthy relationships. Parent-child communication is important because it leads to improved contraceptive and condom use and fewer sexual risk behaviors among youth.
  4. The #JustBe Digital Magazine, the product of our continued work to develop a comprehensive communication strategy centered on adolescent sexual health, provides direct education and engagement to youth on sexual health topics. #JustBe offers a unique blend of youth culture, humor, and stories of triumph and drama to deliver medically accurate sexual health information for both males and females between the ages 16-20, an often hard-to-reach demographic.

The project conducts an ongoing process evaluation to ensure continuous quality improvements. We also conduct a participatory evaluation that examines partnership processes and outcomes.

Project Staff

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