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The HPV vaccine can prevent genital warts and 6 types of cancer (cervical, penile, anal, mouth, throat, vulva).


9 out of 10 women can prevent cervical cancer by getting their regular Pap/HPV tests.


Women can find breast cancer when it’s as small as a grain of sand by completing their regular mammograms.




Join us for a free class on breast and cervical cancer prevention and early detection – in-person, virtually or by phone.

We can help you find your breast and cervical cancer screening and HPV vaccination services at low-cost/free clinics, make your clinic appointments, follow-up on your results and help find answers to your questions.

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Attend the Health in My Hands/Salud en Mis Manos (SEMM) class to learn the information and tools you need to take your breast and cervical health in your hands.

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Health in My Hands/Salud en Mis Manos is a UTHealth program funded by the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT).

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