Ecological Systems Thinking in Adolescent Research



The objective of the lab is to promote adolescent health by leveraging the ecological system (i.e., interpersonal, organizational, community, and policy) in which the adolescent develops.


Prevention of Opioid Use and Overdose - A Family Based Approach

Prevention of Opioid Use and Overdose - A Family Based Approach


Family Functioning - Ecological Momentary Assessment

Family Functioning - Ecological Momentary Assessment

This study will examine family functioning behaviors across parent-adolescent dyads using ecological momentary assessment to better understand any daily fluctuations in the family enviornment.


Alejandra Fernandez

Alejandra Fernandez, PhD

Assistant Professor

Dr. Fernandez graduated from Texas A&M with her BS and MS in Health and Health Education, respectively. She then went on to University of Texas at Austin to receive her PhD in Health Behavior & Health Education. She completed a post-doctoral position at the University of Miami (Florida). She has been an Assistant Professor at UTHealth Houston School of Public Health since 2020.

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Savannah Bernal

Savannah Bernal, BS

Graduate Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant

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Sarah Urdiales

Sarah Urdiales, BS, MPH

Graduate Research Assistant

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Lana Kim

Lana Kim, BS Candidate

Summer Scholar

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Subodh Potla

Subodh Potla, BS

Graduate Research Assistant

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Name and Credentials Title Organization Contact Information
Viviana Ramos, B.S. Summer Scholar 2023 University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Anahi Garza, B.S. Candidate Summer Scholar 2022 & 2023 University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

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