COVID-19 Resources and Updates

To keep our community informed about the vaccine, the science behind it, and its safety, UTHealth has developed several resources to keep our school community and the public informed. We encourage you to check these resources regularly, as they are updated when new content becomes available. 

Public resources: 

Internal community resources (must log in to access):

Fall 2021 COVID-19 Updates

UTHealth School of Public Health will continue to deliver courses in a hybrid format for the remainder of the fall 2021 term

For the safety of the UTHealth School of Public Health community, course delivery will remain in hybrid format for the remainder of the fall 2021 term. 

  • The majority of in-person/ITV courses (courses with a PH, PHM, or PHD prefix) will be hybrid and utilize WebEx to host class.

  • Some lab-based or practice-based courses may be held in-person; faculty will reach out to students directly with plans for these courses.

  • Online courses (courses with a PHW, PHWM, or PHWD prefix) will continue to be delivered fully online as usual.

  • Students enrolled in independent studies, PH 9997 Practicum, PHM 9998 Culminating Experience/Thesis Research, PHD 9999 Dissertation Research should work with their faculty advisor or supervising faculty member to make appropriate arrangements.

  • Please refer to the SPHCOVID19 Resources page on the School of Public Health Intranet for information on joining a streaming class in WebEx and how to mute/unmute participants in WebEx.

  • If you have any questions about how your course will be delivered, please contact your instructor directly.

Information for international students on F-1 visas

F-1 students are required to attend all in-person courses (courses with a PH, PHM, or PHD prefix) starting on August 30, 2021. F-1 students, both incoming and continuing, must enroll full-time (minimum of 9 credit hours; 3 credit hours may be online coursework) and must be physically on campus for their in-person courses. Classroom assignments are available for each course in myUTH

  • F1 students will be required to sign-in during each visit to campus. Sign-in sheets will be placed in the assigned classroom for each course and must be completed prior to the start of each class session. Students are expected to remain in the classroom for the duration of the class session. These sign-in sheets will be collected regularly and stored in order to maintain adequate documentation of our F1 students’ physical presence on campus.
  •  Students who are enrolled in practicum, thesis research, dissertation, independent integrative learning experience, and/or independent study should ensure that they are on campus at least two times each week. During this time, students should be actively working on academic projects and/or meeting with their respective supervising faculty. Students coming to campus for this purpose are required to sign-in.
  • The School has reported that our programs are operating in a hybrid format and therefore international students on F1 visas must be physically present on campus for their in-person courses. This requirement is to allow our F1 students to remain in compliance with their visas and is to protect the F1 program at the School of Public Health and across the University.
  • Students are expected to follow all safety guidelines issued by UTHealth, which can be found on the COVID-19 FAQ page.
  • Questions about enrollment requirements should be directed to the Office of International Affairs.

mySPH academic portal

Please visit mySPH to access all content that is managed and disseminated by the Office of Academic Affairs and Student Services. This platform includes degree planners, academic forms, course schedule information, detailed information about specific degree requirements, practicum instructions and deadlines, student research information, and other academic and student resources.


Please continue to check your UTHealth email for communication from the School and University. If you have questions or concerns, please email SPHStudentServices@uth.tmc.edu.